2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinno need for that dequant_pvq() call anymode integer_pvq
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valincleanup, getting there
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valincleanup again
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinencoder no longer needs dequant_pvq() to avoid desync
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinmore cleanup
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valintemporary od_sqrt()
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valincleanup
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc ValinYay, manage to avoid desyncing now
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinintegerizing companded gain
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinpvq_synth() nearly done
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinints, ints everywhere
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinquantize cg
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinminor tuning to expand
2013-06-01 Jean-Marc Valinintegerized the gain expander
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinshift parameter
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinUsing more conservative range for proj_1 and g
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinintegerized synthesis loop
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinmore cleaning up
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinanother step
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinreordering
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valincleanup
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinDefine pvq_synth()
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valindecoder work
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valindecoder work
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinconvert x to int
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinprogress...
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinQ, S, maxr are now ints
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinfixes normalized x
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinInteger gains
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valinmake r an int
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinScale by 16
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc Valin-lm
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinDisable dequant_pvq for now
2013-05-31 Jack MoffittAdd built docs to ignores.
2013-05-31 Jack MoffittImplement player_example.
2013-05-31 Timothy B.... Return images using the picture width.
2013-05-31 Timothy B.... Restore the buffer management in the decoder.
2013-05-31 Timothy B.... Fix 10L bug from e1f5d747.
2013-05-31 Timothy B.... Include stdlib.h to get malloc().
2013-05-31 Ralph GilesAdd zigzag source files to unix/Makefile.
2013-05-31 Timothy B.... Write a packet type bit at the start of the frame.
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinRevert accidental changes to the stats tools from previ...
2013-05-31 Jean-Marc ValinBand layouts and zigzag orders for 4x4, 8x8 and 16x16
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesBuild the docs as part of the ci/autotools jenkins...
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesClean up some of the doxygen comments.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesRe-enable doxygen generation of the API reference.
2013-05-30 Timothy B.... Build system cleanup for infodec.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesMake the global include line work for out-of-tree builds.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesRemove the remaining relative references to public...
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesFix build.
2013-05-30 Timothy B.... Add header decoding support.
2013-05-30 Nathan E. EggePrefix the block size decision macros with OD_.
2013-05-30 Jean-Marc ValinInitial TF-ing support of neighbouring blocks for intra...
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittUpdate daala_encode_img_in() to use new decode interface.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittImplement packet decoding.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittMove common packet statuses to state.h.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittFix intra data probability tables and the compactor.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittCompact data.
2013-05-30 Jack MoffittAdd data compactor.
2013-05-30 Gregory MaxwellIncrease entropy coder test coverage.
2013-05-30 Gregory MaxwellDisable assertions for coverage analysis.
2013-05-30 Jean-Marc Valinjmspeex, this is how you want to do 2D indexing
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesMove the scan-build jenkins job into the tree.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesAdd a descriptive comment to the ci/coverage script.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesRemove redundant define from the coverage script.
2013-05-30 Ralph GilesMove code coverage jenkins job into the tree.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinThe block switching pointer now points to the first...
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixes static linking (for me at least)
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesMove -lm to build rules in the unix makefile.
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesAdd missing -lm to the header test.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittAdd check_tests to ignores.
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesAdd header test to the unix makefile.
2013-05-29 EKRHeader encoding (mostly untested).
2013-05-29 EKRFixed build nits
2013-05-29 EKRFixed build
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesUpdate unix makefile for source directory changes.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jack/autofixes'
2013-05-29 Gregory MaxwellClean up merge conflicts from a5ce5af6.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittFix warnings.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittFix missing math library linking.
2013-05-29 Gregory MaxwellMove macroblock encoding out to prepare for block size...
2013-05-29 Timothy B.... Fix the buffer size in od_intra_pred16x16_dist().
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinProper split of the block size encoding and decoding...
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'switch_encoding'
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinBetter encoding for the block size decisions
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittFix make distcheck.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittMake is now non-recursive.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittChange OP_ prefixes to OD_.
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesMove jenkins build scripts into the tree.
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesFix make distcheck.
2013-05-29 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'jack/warning-police'
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittFix unused parameter warnings.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittDisable warnings long strings longer than 509 chars.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittIgnore some more makefiles.
2013-05-29 Ralph GilesUpdate x86 asm for frame_width move to od_state.
2013-05-29 EKRFix tests to match correct array indexing
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittMake framesize a multiple of the super block size.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittDon't ignore all makefiles.
2013-05-29 Jack MoffittMove doc git ignores to main ignores and add tools...