2014-08-25 Tristan Matthewsencode: skip include if intra paint is disabled exp_intra_paint
2014-08-22 Nathan E. EggeAdd Viterbi trellis optimization to intra paint.
2014-08-20 Jean-Marc Valinod_adapt_ctx_reset() has to be called with and without...
2014-08-20 Jean-Marc ValinReenabling PVQ for intra paint
2014-08-20 Jean-Marc ValinQuick and dirty fix for negative indices in edge accumu...
2014-08-20 Jean-Marc ValinFixing pure horizontal and pure vertical through the...
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes top row and left column
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc Valinfixing edge prediction
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc Valinfixing edge quantization, but not prediction
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc Valinfixing DC quantization
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc Valinoops, WTF
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinSeems to work with quantization disabled
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinGot similar modes as output
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinRefinement step to pick DC more often
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc Valincompute edges separately from quantization
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinAvoid valgrind complaining about uninitialized values...
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents mode probabilities from being zero.
2014-08-19 Nathan E. EggeFix chroma clear bug on 00000000paint.png.
2014-08-19 Jean-Marc ValinSimplify mode_select() code by reusing interp_block()
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinUsing more reasonable intra paint quantization
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling pvq skip for intra paint
2014-08-18 Nathan E. EggeFixing more disable paint logic.
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeFix paint disable logic
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeClear on a line by line basis
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeClear intra paint accumulators
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeDon't reference the MC buffer if paint is disabled.
2014-08-18 Tristan Matthewsintra_paint: fix missing include exp_intra_paint2
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the generic encoder models to od_adapt_ctx
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinManual rebase of "Split encoder and common parts of...
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeFixups for paint
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeFix issues with intra paint integration
2014-08-18 Thomas DaedeInitial attempt at integrating intra paint into the...
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinActually encode the "other" modes
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinQuantize the first row and column of pixels
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinEncoding mode for first row/column
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinNow encoding the paint mode -- well almost
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinoops
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinEncoding the quantized right/bottom edge information
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinStarting to actually encode bits
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an issue with DC quantization. Now only enabled...
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes image corner
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinInitial support for multiple block sizes in mode encodi...
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinAdds code to simulate mode encoding at various resolutions
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinremapping DC to mode 4*N
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinallocate enough memory for paint
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinintra paint analysis also based on superblocks
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinsuperblock ordering for intra paint
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valindifferent quantization for DC, plus wip
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes DC mode
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixing a few issues with the bottom edge predictor
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinAll arrays allocated dynamically
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinAllocating paint_out and mode dynamically
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinblock size decision allocated dynamically
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinwip2
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinwip
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinAdds block size decision to intra paint
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the code a bit faster by only using half the...
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc Valinod_intra_paint_encode() no longer overwrites the input
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a rare overflow on black and white images
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinAdding some comments
2014-08-18 Jean-Marc ValinFirst version of the intra paint code (not used by...
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Fix a typo in the mesh decimation description.
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Remove obsolete MC test code.
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Remove edge labels from MV grid.
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Clean up some MC logging issues.
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Clean-up some hard-coded constants.
2014-08-13 Timothy B.... Fix MV rate updates in the refinement DP.
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsodintrin.h: fix comment
2014-08-08 Basar KocFix quality parameter issue introduced in 361. Change...
2014-08-08 Nathan E. EggeFix rd-curve sort order for jpeg and theora.
2014-08-06 Tristan Matthewsyuvjpeg: fix trivial leak
2014-08-06 Nathan E. EggeUse associative arrays in rd_average.sh.
2014-08-06 Thomas DaedeInclude unistd.h on POSIX. Fixes warning introduced...
2014-08-05 Thomas DaedeOutput encoding status with a newline when not attached...
2014-08-04 Timothy B.... Increase bitrate precision in motion estimation.
2014-08-04 Monty MontgomeryFiner (unscaled) quantizer patch
2014-07-30 Timothy B.... Simplify reversible Haar code.
2014-07-30 Timothy B.... Fix Haar multiresolution blending.
2014-07-29 Nathan E. Eggetools: Use progressive scan for yuvjpeg
2014-07-29 Guillaume MartresFix support for monochrome input
2014-07-29 Guillaume Martresencoder_example: Add --limit to set the maximum number...
2014-07-29 Guillaume Martresrd_collect.sh: follow symlinks to find samples
2014-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes for issues 351 and 352
2014-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinRate-adaptive lambda for intra mode selection
2014-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinChanges intra mode encoding to adapt the entire table...
2014-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinFixes intra pred bug introduced in d6ebba54b
2014-07-21 Timothy B.... Make lambda used for motion estimation RD adaptive.
2014-07-15 Nathan E. EggeRemove need for --enable-logging in rd_collect.sh.
2014-07-15 Basar KocAdd configure flag to only dump reconstructed video.
2014-07-15 BasarFixes build warnings in jpegyuv.c and vq_train.c.
2014-07-15 Basar KocFixes -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning.
2014-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinAddresses comments from issues 346, 347, 349.
2014-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinJointly codes the noref flags on 8x8 and 16x16
2014-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinPer-plane context for the skip flags
2014-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinAdds some context to the block size range symbol
2014-07-11 Thomas SzymczakFixing shebang statements in ab_compare scripts
2014-07-11 Jean-Marc ValinAdds better initial conditions for block size encoding...
2014-07-09 Tristan Matthewsdct: use OD_MOVE
2014-07-09 Jean-Marc ValinAdds per-plane context for the PVQ gain.
2014-07-08 Jean-Marc ValinUsing od_encode_cdf_adapt() for the 4x4 vs 8x8 decision too