2014-11-13 Jean-Marc Valindump code for generating od_cfl_scaling4[][] dump_cfl
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinTunes CfL for 4x4 blocks and compensate for TF scaling
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc Valinfixes for issue 512
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinDefining skip as theta=-1 for keyframes since it's...
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinImplements skip_rest flag on the first band
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinUsing joint noref/gain/theta coding for keyframes too
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinChange ordering of CfL flip flag so that it's encoder...
2014-11-13 Jean-Marc ValinJointly coding gain/theta/noref on P-frames
2014-11-11 randomguyAdd casts to avoid precision loss warnings under MSVC.
2014-11-10 Nathan E. EggeUse OD_LOG2 macro instead of log2().
2014-11-10 Timothy B.... Provide alignment macros and use them.
2014-11-10 Nathan E. EggeFix compiler warnings when --enable-assertions=no.
2014-10-29 Thomas SzymczakFix typo in pvq.c
2014-10-25 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves unused zigzag data
2014-10-25 Jack MoffittRemove AWCY submission until it works.
2014-10-25 Jack MoffittSupport python pre-2.7.
2014-10-25 Jack MoffittSubmit latest master to AWCY.
2014-10-25 Jean-Marc ValinSimple horizontal/vertical intra predictor
2014-10-24 Tristan Matthewsplayer_example: show one plane at a time
2014-10-24 Jack Moffittbo needs to be calculated after taking decimation into...
2014-10-24 Jack MoffittFix coefficient dumping.
2014-10-23 Tristan MatthewsFix unix Makefile for 32x32
2014-10-23 Jack MoffittAdd a 32x32 transform (and inverse).
2014-10-23 Jean-Marc ValinSpecial case for encoding K=1 PVQ codewords
2014-10-22 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies cdf initialization
2014-10-22 Jack MoffittUse better probabilities for MV flag coding.
2014-10-21 Jean-Marc ValinRemove left over code from last block size encoding...
2014-10-21 Jack MoffittAdd entropy coder accounting support.
2014-10-21 Thomas DaedeClean up decoder to match encoder changes in issue 490
2014-10-20 Jean-Marc ValinRemove remaining use of USE_BAND_PARTITIONS
2014-10-20 Jean-Marc ValinClean up od_encode_block()/od_block_encode()/OD_ENCODE_...
2014-10-20 Jean-Marc ValinNever use noref for gain=0 on non-keyframes
2014-10-19 Jean-Marc ValinReplace noref=1,gain=0 by a skip on inter when the...
2014-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinMakes keyframes entropy decoding independent of PVQ
2014-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinRemove inter-band masking
2014-10-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes decoder-side robust bit-streams
2014-10-11 Tristan Matthewsstate: check ref_img allocation
2014-10-11 Tristan Matthewsdecode: refactor
2014-10-07 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies CfL by signalling the gain and sign through PVQ
2014-10-07 Jean-Marc ValinRemove support for scalar quantization
2014-09-30 Nathan E. EggeUpdate bd_rate.m to run from any directory.
2014-09-30 Guillaume MartresRewrite superblock splitting code to make it easier...
2014-09-30 Guillaume MartresAdd od_block_size enum to give names to the block sizes
2014-09-30 Jean-Marc ValinBypass PVQ sythesis when the gain is zero
2014-09-30 Tristan Matthewsencode: refactor
2014-09-23 Vittorio Giovaralogging: fix memory leak
2014-09-22 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: remove duplicate code
2014-09-22 Tristan Matthewsencode: move img_dump_padded out of encode_img_in
2014-09-21 Tristan Matthewsencode: use QUALITY_SHIFT
2014-09-21 Tristan Matthewsencode: factor copy_and_pad out of encode_img_in
2014-09-21 Tristan Matthewsencode: do quality scaling internally
2014-09-20 Guillaume MartresRemove unused MV visualization code
2014-09-20 Guillaume MartresMore accurate MV rate estimation
2014-09-20 Tristan Matthewsplayer_example: give warning on skeleton streams
2014-09-17 Jean-Marc ValinMake it possible to encode robust streams with PVQ
2014-09-12 Jean-Marc ValinDC RDO using the actual skip probabilities
2014-09-12 Jean-Marc ValinAdds optional code to measure the actual overhead of...
2014-09-12 Jean-Marc ValinUsing finer quantizer for keyframes
2014-09-10 Thomas DaedeEnable the SSE2 4x4 IDCT
2014-09-10 Guillaume Martresupload_commits.sh: Use the full commit message
2014-09-10 Guillaume MartresFix desync by properly clearing mv_grid in the decoder
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeFix AVX2 feature detection
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeRevert Makefile.am changes from previous commit
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeAdd AVX2 intrinsics detection to autotools
2014-09-09 Thomas DaedeUse AC_TRY_LINK in tests for intrinics so that a missin...
2014-09-09 Tristan Matthewsdoc: fix pdf generation
2014-09-08 Thomas DaedeAdd check functions for optimized DCT implementations.
2014-09-05 Guillaume MartresSimplify (and improve) the adaptation of MV expectation
2014-09-05 Guillaume MartresFix calculation of MV expectation
2014-09-05 Guillaume MartresAdd more assertions to level 3 MV encoding
2014-09-05 Guillaume MartresFix desync introduced by dd3fca176f087d8fe72ddf2e972d72...
2014-09-02 Tristan Matthewssad_4x4_sse: fix for i686
2014-09-02 Andreas GalAdd SSE2/SSE4.1 version of od_bin_idct4x4.
2014-09-02 Andreas GalAdd run-time CPU detection for the 4x4 DCT.
2014-09-02 Andreas GalAdd SSE2/SSE4.1 version of od_bin_fdct4x4.
2014-09-02 Andreas GalAdd SSE4.1 and AVX2 detection.
2014-09-02 Guillaume MartresImprove .gitignore for doc and submit_awcy.py
2014-08-31 Tristan Matthewsmcenc: check allocations and cleanup
2014-08-31 Nathan E. EggeRemoving legacy metrics code.
2014-08-29 Guillaume Martresmcenc.c: Properly clear MVs hit cache
2014-08-28 Tristan Matthewspkg-config: fix uninstalled .pc files
2014-08-28 Steinar MidtskogenMake frame buffers explicitly aligned.
2014-08-26 Thomas DaedeRemove od_state.input
2014-08-26 Andreas GalSimplify OD_UNBIASED_RSHIFT.
2014-08-25 Guillaume MartresUse round-to-even for BMA MC predictors to avoid biasing
2014-08-25 Guillaume MartresFix constant velocity predictors in the BMA MC search
2014-08-25 Guillaume MartresRename mvs in od_mv_node to bma_mvs to avoid confusion
2014-08-25 Steinar Midtskogenodintrin: Fix include path for unix/Makefile
2014-08-25 Steinar MidtskogenAdded patchlevel in OD_GNUC_PREREQ and removed redefini...
2014-08-25 Tristan Matthewsinternal: add OD_UNLIKELY macro
2014-08-25 Tristan Matthewsstate: cleanup on allocation failure
2014-08-23 Guillaume MartresRemove incorrect assertion: level 2 MVs outside the...
2014-08-22 Guillaume MartresFix typo in od_mc_predict8
2014-08-22 Tristan Matthewsencode: move allocations out of encode_create
2014-08-22 Jack MoffittOptimize level 3 motion flags in the margin.
2014-08-22 Jack MoffittDon't encode motion vectors outside the frame.
2014-08-21 Guillaume MartresFix DC bits accounting for non-keyframes
2014-08-21 Guillaume Martreswebtools/metrics.html: Port to the new bit accounting...
2014-08-21 Tristan Matthewsstate: move common structs into state
2014-08-21 Nathan E. EggeOctave implementation of bd_rate.