2012-07-30 Timothy B.... Make init_intra_xform work with larger block sizes.
2012-07-27 Timothy B.... Update to 16x32 pre-/post- filter.
2012-07-20 Nathan E. EggeFixed bias in nextBest SATD, added binary data files...
2012-07-19 Timothy B.... Add orthonormal, reversible integer 16x16 DCT.
2012-07-09 Timothy B.... Add a new 8-point DCT factorization.
2012-07-09 Timothy B.... Switch to Cholesky decomposition for least squares.
2012-07-09 Gregory MaxwellFix tools build broken by the increase in intra_search...
2012-07-08 Gregory MaxwellFix an incorrect entropy coder assertion, expand test...
2012-07-07 Gregory MaxwellUpdate encode.c to code all intra parameters.
2012-07-06 Timothy B.... Paper over some minor issues in init_intra_xform.c
2012-07-06 Nathan E. EggeAdding k-means code with sparse coefficients
2012-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinSome comments for PVQ quantization code
2012-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinDisables the K=1 PVQ case that we're not using for now
2012-07-06 Timothy B.... Move gen_cdf to tools.
2012-07-06 Jean-Marc Valininit_intra_xform can now properly output the probabilit...
2012-07-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdds intra prediction "RDO" search functions
2012-07-03 Jean-Marc ValinIncluding one set of satd weights per plane
2012-07-03 Nathan E. EggeNow using scaled covariance and SSE
2012-07-02 Nathan E. EggeMisc Java intra predictor fixes and build files
2012-07-02 nathanAdding Java intra predictor code
2012-07-01 Jean-Marc ValinThink I finally found a way of combining intra probs
2012-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinIntra mode training improvements
2012-06-30 Timothy B.... Fix DCT-SATD mode in init_intra_maps.c.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellWrapping at 80 characters in entdec.h/entenc.h.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellGCC annotations to warn on misuse of the rangecoder...
2012-06-29 Jean-Marc ValinReduces the PVQ encoder rate by encoding symbols only...
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellCorrect macro name for DCT in init_intra_maps.
2012-06-29 Timothy B.... Modify init_intra_maps to use real DCT for SATD.
2012-06-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdds "RDO" to intra mode training
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellTighten up some of the storage usage bounds.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellFix six bugs in the range coder related to resizing...
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellSome basic argument checking for test_coef_coder's...
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellAdd a couple trivial asserts to pvq.c to help static...
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellRemove CC=gcc, Makes it easier to override the compiler.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellRemove unneeded ext field from od_ec_dec.
2012-06-29 Gregory MaxwellRemove separated encode/decode / update range coder...
2012-06-28 Timothy B.... Add uniform CDFs and use them for uints.
2012-06-28 Gregory MaxwellFix warning argument order broken by last commit.
2012-06-28 Gregory MaxwellSwitch around CFLAGS processing in the Makefile.
2012-06-27 Timothy B.... Re-do the encropy coder API.
2012-06-26 Timothy B.... Make od_ec_enc and od_ec_dec independent structs.
2012-06-26 Timothy B.... Fix some signedness warnings.
2012-06-26 Gregory MaxwellCorrect a C99ism.
2012-06-26 Gregory MaxwellPassthrough enviroment cflags.
2012-06-26 Timothy B.... Replace od_ec_{enc|dec}_bit_logp() with od_ec_{enc...
2012-06-26 Timothy B.... Add a few assertions to the entropy coder.
2012-06-26 Timothy B.... Move entropy coder documentation to the .c files.
2012-06-26 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids calling od_ec_{enc|dec}_bits with 0.
2012-06-23 Timothy B.... Initial version of multiply-free arithmetic coder.
2012-06-20 Gregory MaxwellRemove deleted ecintrin.h from Makefile.
2012-06-19 Timothy B.... Fix compile errors from 82a56146.
2012-06-19 Timothy B.... General entropy coder clean-ups.
2012-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinNew "delta" pvq encoder that should be faster (only...
2012-06-17 Jean-Marc Valinmake derf happy
2012-06-17 Timothy B.... Fix the entropy decoder.
2012-06-17 Timothy B.... Various code cleanups and warning fixes.
2012-06-16 Timothy B.... Hook up test_coef_coder to make check.
2012-06-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdds comments to coef coder functions
2012-06-15 Jean-Marc ValinDoxygen comments for pvq and generic coefficient coders
2012-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it possible to truncate pdfs in the Laplace...
2012-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a 16-bit icdf table for the generic coef coder
2012-06-13 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an inefficiency in laplace_encode_special()
2012-06-13 Jean-Marc ValinMore work on coder unit test, optimization for degenera...
2012-06-13 Jean-Marc Valinpvq encoder now passes the unit test -- should be good...
2012-06-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdds coder unit test, fixes one bug (several found)
2012-06-13 Jean-Marc Valincoef coder cleanup, removed floats
2012-06-12 Jean-Marc ValinCoef coder cleanup
2012-06-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a problem with shift>1 in the generic coefficient...
2012-06-11 Jean-Marc ValinThe "issue" with the generic decoder was a missing...
2012-06-10 Jean-Marc ValinFirst version of a generic single-sided coefficient...
2012-06-09 Nathan E. EggeAdded sparse prediction generator
2012-06-09 Timothy B.... Fix a typo in the weight calculation.
2012-06-09 Timothy B.... Fix the next_best_satd calculation.
2012-06-09 Gregory MaxwellSwitch for using the current block in the intra-predictor.
2012-06-09 Timothy B.... Add weighting to the intra mode training.
2012-06-08 Jean-Marc ValinPVQ should work for intra prediction blocks
2012-06-08 Timothy B.... Change color map for intra mode plots.
2012-06-08 Timothy B.... Fix k-means updating in init_intra_xform.
2012-06-08 Timothy B.... Make init_intra_xform match against right block.
2012-06-08 Jean-Marc Valin...now with fewer infinite loops
2012-06-08 Jean-Marc Valinpvq_encoder() can now truncate the PDF when Kn<15
2012-06-08 Timothy B.... Add k-means iteration to the intra mode training.
2012-06-07 Timothy B.... Fix various memory leaks.
2012-06-07 Gregory MaxwellInput frames are no longer required to be multiples...
2012-06-07 Gregory MaxwellKludgy fix to encoder_example to partially remove the...
2012-06-07 Gregory MaxwellUse intra predictor; also fix intra predictor to return...
2012-06-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a PVQ encoder for the no-reference case
2012-06-06 Gregory MaxwellCorrect pvq_encode parameters. Also right y4m output...
2012-06-06 Gregory MaxwellNo arch=native.
2012-06-06 Timothy B.... Initial frequency domain intra prediction.
2012-06-06 Gregory MaxwellRice removal.
2012-06-06 Gregory MaxwellSimple YUV dumper.
2012-06-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a PVQ decoder (works on simple tests)
2012-06-06 Jean-Marc ValinMore complete encoder (including special K=1 case)
2012-06-05 Jean-Marc ValinActual entropy coder (based on icdf16)
2012-06-05 Gregory MaxwellAdd icdf encode/decode functions for 16 bit probabilities.
2012-06-05 Gregory MaxwellQuick addition of the opus range coder, simple loop...
2012-06-05 Jean-Marc ValinWIP pvq encoder
2012-04-12 Jean-Marc ValinAdds copyright notices to pvq files (no code changes)
2012-04-10 Jean-Marc ValinAdds RDO to both PVQ schemes