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last changeTue, 9 Jan 2018 22:31:24 +0000 (17:31 -0500)
2018-01-09 Tristan Matthewsencode: fix read of uninitialized target_bitrate value master
2017-06-16 Danesh Darouidump_video: Empty video files will not be dumped.
2017-06-16 Danesh Darouidaala_decode_img_out: NULL pointer check
2017-06-08 Luc TrudeauAdd EXTRA_OPTIONS to rd_collect_aom
2017-06-07 Luc TrudeauError handling for missing CIEDE dependencies
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeAdd quotes $@ in script.
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeSupport av1-rt in using AWCY params.
2017-06-06 Nathan E. EggeRemove support for vp10 from scripts.
2017-06-06 Luc TrudeauAdd option to output results in AWCY format.
2017-06-05 Luc TrudeauAdd support for CIEDE2000 in rd tools
2017-06-05 Nathan E. EggeUse the same rd_collect parameters as AWCY for AV1.
2017-04-24 Timothy B.... Update the coding tools draft.
2017-03-24 Tristan Matthewsci: only do make check for travis builds
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsci: only depend on check for travis builds
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsci: add initial travis configuration file
2017-03-23 Tristan Matthewsencode: minor refactoring
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