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last changeSun, 1 May 2016 02:33:36 +0000 (22:33 -0400)
2 days ago Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies the Q15 adaptation master
6 days ago Luc TrudeauFix undefined reference in make tools with --disable-asm
6 days ago RignonNoelZoom-in, Zoom-out secondary hotkeys
6 days ago Luc TrudeauRemove the WXUNUSED macro for onChange event methods...
7 days ago Thomas DaedeAdd option to dump frame-averaged PSNR to dump_psnr.c.
2016-04-15 Jean-Marc Valinminor refactoring of PVQ split code
2016-04-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a generic adaptation scheme based on the Q15 entro...
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeAdd vp10 support to rd_collect tool.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeSplit rd_collect quality parameters for vp8 and vp9.
2016-04-13 Nathan E. EggeUse ivf format with libvpx codecs.
2016-04-13 Luc TrudeauAnalyzer Zoom-In and Zoom-Out disable/enable
2016-04-11 Jean-Marc ValinDeringing filter sync with AOM
2016-04-07 Tristan Matthewspvq: use int16_t for rsqrt calculations
2016-04-06 Nathan E. EggeAdding WebP to rd_collect tool.
2016-04-05 Yushin Chofix outdated parameter description for od_pvq_encode().
2016-04-04 Timothy B.... Expand testing of alternate entropy coder APIs.
2 years ago v0.0 Initial coding party tag
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2 months ago exp_fixed_pvq8
11 months ago still_images
13 months ago return-headers-remaining
13 months ago dump_coeffs
16 months ago exp_paint_deringing2
17 months ago dump_cfl
18 months ago dump_cfl_scaling4
18 months ago acct-warnings
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