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last changeFri, 27 May 2016 17:51:06 +0000 (13:51 -0400)
15 min ago Luc TrudeauAnalyzer logic for overlay reset master
2 days ago Luc TrudeauRemove showBlock on OnFilter
3 days ago Tristan Matthewsrd_average: error out if output file already exists
3 days ago Monty MontgomeryAdd 1-pass rate control to encoder example
7 days ago Nathan E. EggeAdd support for aom to rd_collect framework.
7 days ago Nathan E. EggeFix analyzer compile error.
7 days ago Luc TrudeauAdd onShowBlocks() call to TestFrame class.
7 days ago Luc TrudeauReplace analyzer calls to Fit() with SetClientSize().
8 days ago Tristan Matthewsencode: fix build for OD_DUMP_IMAGES
8 days ago Nathan E. EggeReplace (void) with OD_UNUSED().
8 days ago Tristan Matthewsencode: use OD_LOSSLESS()
8 days ago Tristan Matthewsencode: initialize quantizer before testing if it's...
9 days ago Arron VuongFix build error on snprintf with VS2015.
9 days ago Philippe LeUse OD_UNUSED() macro instead of (void).
9 days ago Philippe LeFix compiler warnings.
9 days ago duckishAdded -o parameter to the y4m2png command line help.
3 years ago v0.0 Initial coding party tag
15 min ago master
3 months ago exp_fixed_pvq8
12 months ago still_images
14 months ago return-headers-remaining
14 months ago dump_coeffs
17 months ago exp_paint_deringing2
18 months ago dump_cfl
18 months ago dump_cfl_scaling4
19 months ago acct-warnings
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21 months ago exp_intra_paint2
21 months ago exp_intra_paint1
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