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last changeWed, 18 Jan 2017 20:54:34 +0000 (15:54 -0500)
2017-01-18 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of the DCT in od_compute_dist_8x8() master
2017-01-11 ltrudeauSimplified clipping skip to 1
2016-12-20 ltrudeauAdds comment to explain nb_coeff in CfL
2016-12-16 Tristan Matthewspvq: skip gshift calculation in float pvq case
2016-12-15 Timothy B.... Eliminate a sqrt in od_compute_dist_8x8().
2016-12-08 David Michael... pvq_encoder: tune delta_rate for k=1
2016-12-08 David Michael... Fully order the pvq search candidates
2016-11-30 ltrudeauWrong offset for the red difference plane in CIEDE
2016-11-29 Tristan Matthewsencoder_example: fail earlier on invalid picture size
2016-11-22 Thomas DaedeAdd tools/y4m2yuv.c.
2016-11-22 David Michael... tools: Add 444, 444p10 support to
2016-11-16 Tristan Matthewspvq: fix artificial chroma boost with --enable-float-pvq
2016-11-15 Tristan Matthewspvq: cosmetics: drop OD_ROUND32 where it is a noop
2016-11-15 Tristan Matthewspvq: in float pvq case, mag must default to 1.0
2016-11-13 Nathan E. EggeConvert daala rd_collect script to use dump_video.
2016-11-09 Thomas DaedeDon't mutate stride when downsampling in msssim.
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