descriptionOfficial Online XSPF Validator repository
ownerSebastian Pipping
last changeSat, 29 May 2010 03:59:05 +0000 (05:59 +0200)
2010-05-29 Sebastian PippingAdd link to Flattr master
2009-06-02 Sebastian PippingAllow attribute xml:id anywhere
2009-06-02 Sebastian PippingRefactor xml:base check
2009-05-05 Sebastian PippingPropagate rename from libSpiff to libxspf
2009-05-05 Sebastian PippingPropagate svn-to-git transition to source location
2009-05-05 Robert BuchholzChange sourceTable and errorTable to be tuples instead...
2008-09-19 Sebastian PippingFix entity lookup
2008-09-18 Sebastian PippingFirst take on malicous XML detection
2008-09-05 Sebastian PippingClose file handles, bring back HTTPS support
2008-09-04 Sebastian PippingFix attribute requirement
2008-09-04 Sebastian PippingFix another XSS vulnerability
2008-09-04 Sebastian PippingReduce whitespace
2008-09-04 Sebastian PippingFix XSS vulnerability
2008-09-04 Sebastian PippingFix file:/// vulnerability
2008-08-31 Emanuel GonçalvesDownplay previous credit; remove some instances of...
2008-08-25 Sebastian PippingFix xml:base support and attribute-not-allowed error...
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