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ownerRalph Giles
last changeMon, 15 Jul 2013 23:05:31 +0000 (16:05 -0700)
2013-07-15 Ralph GilesConditionalize #pragma warn for MSVC. master
2013-07-15 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Fixes a number of double promotions and missing...
2013-07-15 Gregory MaxwellRevert "Additional MSVC warning missed in the last...
2013-07-15 Gregory MaxwellAdditional MSVC warning missed in the last commit.
2013-07-15 Gregory MaxwellFixes a number of double promotions and missing casts.
2013-07-13 RonAlways try to update the version when is run
2013-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate draft for the Opus RFC
2013-07-13 Jean-Marc ValinFixes MSVC warnings
2013-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinUpdates for 1.1-beta until we can get rid...
2013-07-12 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a denorm problem when the input goes silent after...
2013-07-11 Pedro BecerraFixes build when DISABLE_FLOAT_API is defined
2013-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinSurround masking tuning
2013-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinBetter handling of centre for surround masking, bitrate...
2013-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixes silly fixed-point bug with the surround downmix
2013-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents zero-energy on LFE
2013-07-02 RonLink libopus itself with libm too
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