2006-02-14 jmfixed potential problems with float rounding causing... Speex-1.1.12
2006-02-12 jmversion number change (1.1.12)
2006-02-12 jmfixed an off-by-one bug (thanks to keith)
2006-02-12 jmsampling rate option
2006-02-12 jmThink I fixed a crash when trying to encode in the...
2006-02-12 jmfixed a bug when a packet is lost and submode-encoding...
2006-02-11 jmThink I fixed some Blackfin assembly syntax issues...
2006-02-11 jmadded a _ctl() call at least to set the sampling rate
2006-02-10 jmpreparing for 1.1.12
2006-02-09 jmfixed an unresolved symbol on win32
2006-02-09 jmfixed lots of warning/errors on retarded (non-C99)...
2006-02-09 jminclude a global header instead of misc.h
2006-02-01 jmPlay nice with non-C99 compilers
2006-02-01 jmsome tuning
2006-01-31 jmalloca patch by Aron Rosenberg
2006-01-28 jmset the right macro for ARM5E assembly
2006-01-25 jmDisabled ARM4 optimization of compute_weighted_codebook...
2006-01-23 arekAdded OS X Universal Binary build configuration.
2006-01-23 jmwe now live in 2006
2006-01-10 jmdocumentation
2006-01-09 jmslight accuracy improvement for computing the fft table
2006-01-09 jmremove // comment
2006-01-09 jmradius of the notch filter poles varies with sampling...
2006-01-09 jmScaling up after pre-emphasis was *almost* a good idea...
2006-01-08 jmAdded a second order DC rejection filter.
2006-01-07 jmWeights now use 32 bits instead of 16. This seems to...
2006-01-07 jms/PSHR/PSHR16/
2006-01-02 jmfixed an off-by-one overflow curve computation
2006-01-02 jmFix for AMD64 (patch by Nicolas George)
2005-12-30 jmscale some averaging constants with the frame size...
2005-12-28 jmImproved normalization a bit
2005-12-28 jmversion
2005-12-22 jmInclude config.h here too
2005-12-22 jmsome bugfixes
2005-12-22 jmoops, that's why FIXED_POINT wasn't enabled here
2005-12-22 jmremove debug code
2005-12-22 jmCan now encode PCM with libspeex.
2005-12-21 jmecho residual is now an int32.
2005-12-20 gilesUpdate libogg download url.
2005-12-20 jmmore vorbis_psy tuning
2005-12-20 jmsome tuning to the psychoacoustic model
2005-12-19 xiphmontWiden the follower feature width (don't follow peaks...
2005-12-19 xiphmontMake sure jm has what I have
2005-12-19 jmvorbis-psy with 256 samples
2005-12-19 jmsave old curve
2005-12-19 xiphmontlatest tweak
2005-12-19 xiphmontAmplitude... not power.
2005-12-19 xiphmontAdd to build system, fix a segfault...
2005-12-19 xiphmontBuilds. God only knows what it does.
2005-12-19 xiphmontAll the code chunks for tusing vorbis-style noise curve...
2005-12-19 jmConverted leak spectral estimation array to int32.
2005-12-18 jmdefinition of M_PI
2005-12-18 jmconverted RER computation
2005-12-18 jmMoved spx_cos to math_approx.c and use it for initializ...
2005-12-18 jmoops..
2005-12-18 jmconverted the window
2005-12-18 jmfixed the float version
2005-12-18 jmoops, forgot float version
2005-12-18 jmconverted initial adaptation rate
2005-12-18 jmoops...
2005-12-18 jmleak_estimate converted to word16
2005-12-17 jmDIVU alias for float
2005-12-17 jmFLOAT_DIVU for computing leak estimate
2005-12-17 jmfixing the float version
2005-12-17 jmminor stuff
2005-12-17 jmgreater-than operator
2005-12-17 jmmore leak_estimate work
2005-12-17 jmmost of leakage estimation converted
2005-12-16 jmsome constants
2005-12-16 jmremoved C++ style comments
2005-12-16 jmOK, so the "re-filtering" idea was a rather stupid...
2005-12-15 jmremove the "if (inverse)" from some of the loops
2005-12-15 jmremoved scaledown from the loop
2005-12-15 jmcleaned up the fixed-point version
2005-12-15 jmoops, forgot that
2005-12-15 jmfixed residual echo estimation (for preprocessor),...
2005-12-15 jmminor fix
2005-12-13 jmminor accuracy improvements
2005-12-12 jmprevent offsets caused by quantization
2005-12-12 jmsome tuning, cleanup
2005-12-10 jmadded pre-emphasis, some tuning
2005-12-10 jmFixed inner_prod scaling differences between float...
2005-12-10 jmthink all the main AEC loops are in fixed-point
2005-12-10 jmconverted inner_prod, working on freq-dependent gain
2005-12-08 jmconverted power normalization to pseudo-float type
2005-12-08 jmconverted recursive averaging for x^2 and the power...
2005-12-08 jmdebugged pseudo-float type, using it for correlations
2005-12-08 jmcleanup
2005-12-08 jmfixed the float version, lowered the upper bound on...
2005-12-07 jmSupport for a really simple float emulating type
2005-12-07 jmMost exchanged variables are now integers. Still need...
2005-12-06 jmdefined QCONST
2005-12-05 jmfixed memory leak (now destroying the SpeexBits struct)
2005-12-04 jmSome accuracy improvements
2005-12-03 jmAdded kiss-fft support to fft-wrap, some fixed-point...
2005-12-02 jmChecking in a copy of Mark Borgerding's KISS-FFT. Will...
2005-12-02 jmAdded a wrapper around the FFT so any FFT can be used
2005-12-02 jmactive target
2005-12-02 jmDC notch filter (not tested yet)
2005-12-02 jmversion change to Speex-