2014-09-26 Tristan Matthewsdoc: remove codec-specific documentation
2014-08-17 Tristan Matthewsspeexdsp: fix SSE2 support
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsos_support: fix misleading comments
2014-08-10 Tristan Matthewsos_support: fix comment
2014-08-07 Karl Tomlinsonresample: recover from integer overflow in update_filter()
2014-08-07 Karl Tomlinsonresample: recover from larger memory allocation failures
2014-08-07 Karl Tomlinsonresample: use a single common block to allocate sinc_table
2014-08-07 Tristan Matthewstestresample: fix underlinking of libm
2014-07-23 Tristan Matthewsconfigure: fix PKG_CHECK_MODULES invocation
2014-07-23 Diego Elio... resample: make some tables constant
2014-07-03 Karl Tomlinsonresample: use common statement to calculate st->mem...
2014-07-03 Karl Tomlinsonresample: unify remaining allocations of st->mem in...
2014-07-03 Karl Tomlinsonresample: use spx_uint32_t for index and length
2014-07-03 Karl Tomlinsonresample: unify alloc/realloc paths in update_filter()
2014-07-02 Tristan Matthewsbuild testresample
2014-07-02 Jyri Sarharesample: Add NEON optimized inner_product_single for...
2014-07-02 Jyri Sarharesample: Add NEON optimized inner_product_single for...
2014-07-02 Jyri Sarhaconfigure.ac: Add ARM NEON support
2014-07-02 Jyri Sarharesample: Calculate full sinc table (e.g. no sinc inter...
2014-07-02 RonMake M_PI the same as what math.h defines it as
2014-06-27 RonContinue to install the headers in $prefix/include...
2014-06-27 Tristan MatthewsRemove codec specific file
2014-06-25 Karl Tomlinsonresample: complete speex_resampler_reset_mem
2014-06-25 Karl Tomlinsonresample: kill some warnings when using sse
2014-06-25 Karl Tomlinsonresample: rename sinc to sinct to fix warnings
2014-04-22 Tristan Matthewsscal: remove dead code
2014-04-22 Tristan Matthewsjitter: remove unused variable
2014-04-15 Peter MeerwaldFix file permission of libspeexdsp/scal.c
2014-04-15 Peter MeerwaldResampler buffer_size is always 160, drop FIXED_POINT...
2014-01-31 Tristan MatthewsRemove speex codec specific file
2014-01-31 Rafaël CarréRemove dependency on speex
2013-12-07 RonDon't overlink with libm
2013-12-07 RonPrefer the stdint types if available
2013-12-07 RonDrop the --disable-vbr option from autoconf
2013-12-07 RonMake autotools a bit less whiny on modern systems
2013-12-07 RonDrop the hardcoded SPEEX_VERSION from arch.h
2013-12-07 RonDrop doc/nb_celp.c
2013-12-07 RonTidy the speex/*.h includes some more
2013-12-06 Tristan MatthewsFix typos in manual for speex_preprocess API
2013-12-06 RonSwitch autogen.sh to use autoreconf
2013-12-06 RonEnsure the filter length is a multiple of 8
2013-12-06 RonBe precise computing the resampler with the smallest...
2013-12-06 Jean-Marc ValinProperly save in_len for multiple channels in the resam...
2013-12-06 Sherief N.... Fixed potential over-allocation / (fatal) under-allocat...
2010-02-01 Thorvald NatvigAdd missing \ so headers are included in tarball
2010-01-17 Thorvald NatvigFix a few make dist issues with win32 directory
2010-01-07 Thorvald NatvigClean up other platforms; remove codec files
2010-01-07 slicerClean up embedded targets
2010-01-07 slicerRemove unused tests from configure.ac
2010-01-07 slicerRemove codec-only files
2009-12-22 slicerSplit libspeex and libspeexdsp
2009-07-08 Alexander ChemerisBetter Doxygen comments on latency
2009-07-08 Alexander ChemerisAdding info on the algorithmic delay
2009-07-08 Alexander ChemerisFixing typos in the manual
2009-07-08 Jeff WallaceSupport for Intel IPP FFT
2009-07-08 Jim CrichtonTI project fix (for EXPORT)
2009-06-26 John RidgesRemoving h1_mem from the encoder state since it wasn...
2009-06-23 Jeff WallaceThis patch simply flips on the _USE_SSE/_USE_SSE2 autom...
2009-06-18 Stephane LesageFixes a regression in the fixed-point code and adds...
2009-06-04 Mike Frysingerfix -elf2flt usage for bfin-uclinux
2009-06-04 Mike Frysingermake sure new bfin.h is included in dist
2009-05-16 Mike FrysingerBlackfin: cleanup astat/cc/hardware loop asm clobbers
2009-04-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdded the --no-highpass and --print-rate options to...
2009-04-15 Jean-Marc ValinResurected the --enable-vorbis-psy option by linking...
2009-04-15 Jean-Marc ValinMore VBR tuning
2009-04-08 Jean-Marc ValinFixed a "conditional jump depends on uninitialised...
2009-04-03 Jean-Marc ValinVBR tuning (along with open-loop gamma2 tweak)
2009-04-03 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the enhancer and gamm1
2009-03-01 Alfred E. HeggestadBit-stream definition in the manual with simplified...
2009-02-10 Alfred E. HeggestadConst correctness patch
2009-01-30 Alfred E. HeggestadCosmetic fixes
2008-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated draft
2008-12-11 Alfred E. Heggestadpatch: speex doc typos
2008-12-01 John RidgesAt least VS2005 (what I'm using) won't compile resample...
2008-12-01 Jean-Marc ValinDocumenting the pitch decoding
2008-11-09 Erik de Castro... Patch : Make speex_bits_read_from and speex_bits_read_w...
2008-11-09 Jean-Marc ValinDocumenting the decoder
2008-10-03 Alexander ChemerisFix for VS files to include multi-channel changes....
2008-09-16 Jean-Marc Valinoops, setting the max packet length correctly in speex_...
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinThe LPC analysis window and lag window are now in Q15.
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinMerged lsp_interpolate() with lsp_enforce_margin()
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc Valinremoved some if()s from an ltp inner loop
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying the "middle case" in _spx_lpc().
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinGot rid of real_exc and ringing by using exc temporaril...
2008-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinMinor simplifications to lsp_to_lpc()
2008-08-12 Jean-Marc ValinAdded an option to implement iir_mem16() and fir_mem16...
2008-08-11 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it more explicit that the nb filter size is...
2008-08-11 Jean-Marc ValinMost of the narrowband array sizes are now compile...
2008-08-07 Jean-Marc ValinA forgotten include guard and a fix for disabling wideband
2008-08-06 Jean-Marc Valinminor code simplifications to nb encoder
2008-08-06 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it possible to disable either the encoder or...
2008-08-05 Jean-Marc ValinNarrowband state now contained in a single block
2008-08-04 Jean-Marc ValinSorting out #include "" from #include <> and using...
2008-07-23 Jean-Marc Valinproperly implemented SPEEX_PREPROCESS_GET_ECHO_STATE Speex-1.2rc1
2008-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixed a memory leak in the echo canceller (forgot to...
2008-06-28 Jean-Marc ValinForgot the C++ export "C". Thanks to Joshua Gargus...
2008-06-05 Jean-Marc ValinDecorrState -> SpeexDecorrState
2008-06-04 Jean-Marc ValinIntegrating the decorrelation API with the echo cancell...
2008-06-04 Jean-Marc Valincleaned up SCAL memory allocation
2008-06-04 Jean-Marc ValinMulti-channel SCAL