2007-11-02 jmjitter buffer: histogram shifting function (not used...
2007-11-02 jmjitter buffer: fixing the forced interpolation case
2007-11-02 jmjitter buffer: cleanup
2007-11-02 jmjitter buffer: First attempt at using the application...
2007-10-31 jmjitter_buffer: added jitter_buffer_get_another()
2007-10-31 jmjitter buffer now uses JitterBufferPacket internally...
2007-10-31 jmjitter buffer: minor fix with tick()
2007-10-31 jmjitter buffer: implemented zero-copy (untested)
2007-10-31 jmjitter buffer: implemented delay steps, tick() no longe...
2007-10-30 jmPatch by Thom Johansen: change memory of qmf_synth...
2007-10-30 jmoops, fixed the fixed-point build
2007-10-30 jmSPEEX_PREPROCESS_GET_AGC_LOUDNESS patch by Mihai Balea
2007-10-28 jmInclude os_support.h in pseudofloat.h
2007-10-25 jmHad the random functions swapped (fixed vs float)....
2007-10-25 jmmoved ring buffer to libspeexdsp
2007-10-23 jmoops, forgot to advange the pointers in the ring buffer
2007-10-22 jminfo on optimisations
2007-10-21 jmoops
2007-10-21 jmRe-arranged the wideband mode so that programs using...
2007-10-21 jmFixed Makefiles again -- damn kdevelop!
2007-10-21 jmfixed makefiles (damn kdevelop)
2007-10-21 jmmanual cleanup
2007-10-21 jmcompiles again
2007-10-21 jmAlmost done with the ring buffer implementation (but...
2007-10-20 jmVery simple ring buffer implementation (not tested...
2007-10-20 jmPut all the OS-dependent calls in os_support.h
2007-10-20 jmremoved files make useless by the library split
2007-10-20 jminlining these static functions
2007-10-15 jmdoc update
2007-10-15 jmresampler is a bit more stable than it sounded...
2007-10-15 jmSome comments on implementations details and link to...
2007-10-15 jmMoved FAQ to the wiki
2007-10-15 jmAdded pkg-config file for libspeexdsp
2007-10-14 jmoops...
2007-10-14 jmManual update -- including Speex-specific jitter buffer
2007-10-14 jmremamed to libspeexdsp
2007-10-14 jmbuild details
2007-10-14 jmsplitting libspeex in tw
2007-10-14 jmreorganising sections in the manual
2007-10-14 jmdoc update
2007-10-14 jmUsing LaTeX listing package for the doc instead of...
2007-10-12 jmmanual update
2007-10-10 jmreorganising the manual for the split
2007-10-10 jmFix for fixed-point preprocessor bug reported by Peter...
2007-10-09 jmtestecho program now uses fopen() instead of open(...
2007-10-09 jmMinor documentation fixes from Alexander Chemeris
2007-10-04 jmfixed wideband bit-rates in the manual
2007-10-03 jmtypo in comment -- thanks Alexander Chemeris
2007-09-14 jmDetailing everyone's copyright
2007-08-20 jmUpdated TODO
2007-08-20 jmFixed a DTX bug by changing the order of the test in...
2007-08-11 jmFixed a resampler regression cause by signed/unsigned...
2007-08-10 msmithThwack!
2007-08-10 ivoCollective Copyright statement.
2007-08-09 jmfixing the build
2007-07-29 jmUpdate to Windows project files by Alexander Chemeris
2007-07-28 jmPatch by Alexander Chemeris removing medfilter from...
2007-07-28 jmPatch by Alexander Chemeris removing useless code
2007-07-28 jmPatch by Alexander Chemeris to fix the speex_jitter_get...
2007-07-28 jmPatch by Alexander Chemeris to make testenc* open with...
2007-07-28 jmPatch by Alexander Chemeris to make testenc* use speex_...
2007-07-28 jmWindows patch to speexenc/speexdec by Alexander Chemeris
2007-07-28 jmPreventing an overflow when sampling rate is larger...
2007-07-26 jmPatch by moritz (ticket #1213) that fixes three build...
2007-06-29 jmFixed a segfault when dynamically reducing the rate...
2007-06-27 jmbit of cleaning up
2007-06-27 jmFixed-point: vocoder conversion complete
2007-06-27 jmReplaced speex_error() by speex_fatal() and speex_assert()
2007-06-24 jmFixed-point: converting some of the vocoder code
2007-06-24 jmTuned the vocoder gains and prevented the ol_gain from...
2007-06-23 jmfixed stuff from coverity
2007-06-23 jmcheck for malloc failure
2007-06-19 jmAdditional safety net to prevent NaNs in the encoder...
2007-06-16 jmFixed a rare crash using vorbis-psy
2007-06-16 jmfixed valgrind support (and gitignore)
2007-06-12 jmMakes kdevelop non-default builds work properly
2007-06-09 jmversion change
2007-06-09 jmGit ignore file
2007-06-09 jmFixed fraction simplification code
2007-06-09 jmDefined fixed-point and floating-point builds.
2007-06-07 jmRemoved some stuff from the TODO
2007-06-07 jmlocal dummy change
2007-06-07 jmtodo...
2007-06-06 jmTODO update
2007-06-06 conradRemove hardcoded docdir, mandir from {doc,src}/Makefile...
2007-06-05 jmBringing the manual a bit more in line with the draft...
2007-05-27 jmFixed a bunch of typos (thanks to Alexander Chemeris). speex-1.2beta2
2007-05-23 jmminor tweak to prototype and removed unused variable Speex-1.2beta2
2007-05-22 jmupdated pdf manual
2007-05-22 jmresampler added to the VS2003 project file.
2007-05-22 jmManual update
2007-05-21 jmupdate TODO
2007-05-21 jmautomatically decide when to update the jitter buffer...
2007-05-19 jmupdate to MS project file
2007-05-17 jmBetter endianness detection (helps for MacOS X)
2007-05-17 jmmisc updates to prepare for 1.2beta2
2007-05-17 jmUse the source, Luke
2007-05-17 jmImplemented SPEEX_GET_ACTIVITY
2007-05-16 jmAdded quality table for wideband
2007-05-13 jmFinally fixed the multi-channel magic handling