2005-12-02 jmAdded a wrapper around the FFT so any FFT can be used
2005-12-02 jmactive target
2005-12-02 jmDC notch filter (not tested yet)
2005-12-02 jmversion change to Speex-
2005-11-30 jmOuch. That bug was completely ruining the quality of...
2005-11-25 illiminable* Update win32 project files and add a .def file for...
2005-11-23 arekAdded MacOSX build files - Xcode2.2 project (and relate...
2005-11-20 jmAdd test* programs as noinst targets. Remove warnings Speex-1.1.11
2005-11-20 jmoops. removed some debug code
2005-11-20 jmUpdate for 1.1.11
2005-11-18 jmMoved README.TI-DSP to main dir
2005-11-18 jmAdded ti/ directory
2005-11-18 jmless aggressive in adaptation
2005-11-18 jmFixed a brown-paper-bag bug in speex_bits_insert_termin...
2005-11-16 jmFixes wideband for Blackfin assembly
2005-11-10 jmC89 compilers don't like declarations in the middle...
2005-11-04 jmoops, that too
2005-11-04 jmremoved useless stuff again
2005-11-04 jmcleanup complete. aec is now much simpler and (hopefull...
2005-11-04 jmRemoved useless variables, fixed another bug in the...
2005-11-03 jmmore cleaning up
2005-11-03 jmCleanup:
2005-11-02 illiminable* Include some functions missing from libspeex
2005-10-29 jmTypes for TI DSP (C5x and C6x)
2005-10-29 jmTI DSP (C5x and C6x) patch by Jim Crichton
2005-10-28 jmbump version number
2005-10-23 jmmisc.c overriding patch (mainly for TI C5X and C6X...
2005-10-22 jmMerged:
2005-10-16 jmprevents wierd things from happening when a large numbe...
2005-10-15 jmThat's more correct
2005-10-14 gilesAdd a copy of the latest rtp draft.
2005-10-12 jmversion update
2005-10-11 jmHooks are in for using any masking curve.
2005-10-10 jmlpc floor converted to fixed-point
2005-10-07 jmAPI for Vorbis masking curve
2005-10-07 jmRenamed to vorbis_psy, added header
2005-10-07 jmchanging name
2005-10-06 jmcurve to LPC seems to work with the pole/zero model
2005-10-05 jmpacket loss tuning (and fixed-point improvements)
2005-10-05 jmkludgy fft init
2005-10-05 jmoops. Un-broke the LPC analysis.
2005-10-05 illiminable* VS2003 files
2005-10-05 jmStarting work so I can use the Vorbis psychoacoustics
2005-10-05 jmcleaning up noise floor for fixed-point (not complete...
2005-10-04 jmStupid off-by-one bug (thanks to David Laing for tracki...
2005-10-01 jmImproved packet loss concealment
2005-10-01 jmBetter packet-loss concealment for high band (no more...
2005-10-01 jmfixed gain in ramdom generator (hopefully for fixed...
2005-10-01 jmtimestamp is now in samples (was ms). Let's see how...
2005-10-01 jmtypo
2005-09-28 jmUpdated email address
2005-09-28 jmStupid error in prototype leading to corrupted wav...
2005-09-24 jmTo please Thorvald Natvig :-)
2005-09-07 thomasvsdeclare n only if FIXED POINT not used
2005-09-07 thomasvsdeclare n
2005-09-07 jmCosmetic change - Alfred E. Heggestad
2005-09-05 jmFixing warnings (patch by Alfred E. Heggestad)
2005-09-05 jmminor changes
2005-09-05 jmPatch send by Thorvald Natvig
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-08-30 jmRemoving "restric" keyword for now, as it's causing...
2005-07-19 jmremoved unused buffer
2005-07-04 jmOops, fixed sse for vq.c
2005-06-27 jmDid some tuning, especially for the speech probability...
2005-06-27 jmupdated TODO
2005-06-27 jmFixed typo
2005-06-27 jmShould fix the de-adaptation problem caused by sinusoids
2005-06-27 jmupdated version, directories
2005-06-24 jmFixed errors in API doc
2005-06-22 jmExporting speex_lib_get_mode for DLLs
2005-06-18 thomasvsenable maintainer mode for autogen builds by default
2005-06-14 jmAdded the readme file
2005-06-10 jmAdded a bunch of speex_free() calls in the sb_celp... Speex-1.1.10
2005-06-10 jmREADME for the Blackfin port
2005-06-10 jmI think MSVC doesn't understand the restrict keyword
2005-06-09 jmclobbering less registers
2005-06-09 jmAutotools support for Blackfin (now requires automake...
2005-06-09 jmRemoved accesses past array bounds.
2005-06-09 jmAllow the stack to be allocated with speex_alloc_scratch()
2005-06-09 jmsome more cleanup
2005-06-09 jmCleanup in filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmPartial cleanup of filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmfilter_mem2 now uses dual MAC (still needs some cleanup)
2005-06-09 jmA few more instructions in parallel
2005-06-08 jmMore optimizations to codebood search, target update...
2005-06-08 jmmore optimizations for complexity > 1
2005-06-08 jmDoing a lot less useless work for complexity > 1
2005-06-08 jmcomments
2005-06-07 jmSimplify search for complexity > 1
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly tweaking
2005-06-07 jmload in parallel
2005-06-07 jmAdded MAX16 operator
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly for compute_pitch_error
2005-06-07 jmSeparated time-critical portion of the pitch gain compu...
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly implementation of compute_impulse_res...
2005-06-06 jmoops forgot a zero in the sb_celp encoder stack
2005-06-06 jmRemoved unnecessary call to open_loop_nbest_pitch ...
2005-06-06 jmsaved two instructions in vq_nbest
2005-06-06 jmoops
2005-06-06 jmSpecial case for complexity 1