LPC analysis window now stored as constant in code -> 400 bytes off the
[speexdsp.git] / win32 /
2005-11-25 illiminable* Update win32 project files and add a .def file for...
2005-11-02 illiminable* Include some functions missing from libspeex
2005-10-05 illiminable* VS2003 files
2005-09-05 jmPatch send by Thorvald Natvig
2005-06-22 jmExporting speex_lib_get_mode for DLLs
2005-06-10 jmI think MSVC doesn't understand the restrict keyword
2005-05-06 jmspeex_types.h now contains definitions for all archs...
2005-04-26 jmspeex_types.h for win32 and symbian
2004-07-16 oddsockremoved some files not included in the release
2004-07-16 oddsockadd config.h to EXTRA_DIST
2004-07-16 oddsockmostly win32 project updates
2004-02-06 oddsockUpdated VC6 project files to be current
2003-05-21 jmminor compilation fixes
2003-03-23 jmnew project files by john33, spelling fixes by vanguardist
2003-01-27 jmadded 4 kbps codebook to win32 project file
2002-11-09 jmPreparing for beta 3, cleaned up the mode/bit-rate...
2002-10-11 jmAdded MSVC project files to the distribution
2002-10-10 jmFixed Win32 project file
2002-08-23 jmvalin...
2002-08-22 jmvalinWin32 support, thanks to john33 (Hydrogen Audio)