decoder excitation now in 16-bit precision (was 32), which saves quite a bit
[speexdsp.git] / win32 / VS2005 /
2006-04-29 illiminable* Add missing files to libspeex kissfft stuff
2006-04-29 illiminable* Add mdf.c and psuedofloat.h back into the build
2006-04-29 illiminable* Update in libspeex
2006-04-23 illiminable* Staticly link to vorbis
2006-04-22 illiminable* VS2005 projects for theora-exp, add theora-exp to...
2006-04-21 illiminable* Update speex proj file
2006-04-21 illiminable* Test
2006-04-21 illiminable* Fix some borked sln settings from moving the speex...
2006-04-20 illiminable* Change win32 builds to not use alloca, causes stack...
2006-04-20 illiminable* define ALLOC_A in project files