TI project fix (for EXPORT)
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2009-07-08 Jim CrichtonTI project fix (for EXPORT)
2008-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'master' into stereo
2008-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinBig update in the multi-channel AEC to bring it up...
2007-12-08 jmMinGW support by mikael Magnusson and last updates... Speex-1.2beta3
2007-12-08 jmPatch by Jim Crichton updating TI DSP support for the...
2007-12-08 jmRenamed ti/user_misc.h -> ti/os_support_custom.h (from...
2006-08-30 jmmore replacements of int with spx_int32_t
2006-06-15 jmPatch by Jim Crichton to compute delay properly in...
2006-04-28 jmTI C5x and C6x DSP project update from Jim Crichton
2005-11-18 jmMoved README.TI-DSP to main dir
2005-11-18 jmAdded ti/ directory
2005-10-29 jmTI DSP (C5x and C6x) patch by Jim Crichton