minor tweak to prototype and removed unused variable
[speexdsp.git] / symbian /
2006-11-15 jmoops, fixed symbian again.
2006-11-15 jmSymbian project files update.
2005-05-08 jmoops, forgot to add that one
2005-05-06 jmforgot to delete that Speex-1.1.8
2005-04-26 jmspeex_types.h for win32 and symbian
2005-01-06 conradapplied symbian related config and casting diffs from...
2004-08-16 conraddisable some warnings for the symbian emulator build
2004-08-11 conradSwitched Symbian build back to use modes.c
2004-07-27 conradupdate symbian/config.h device decode comment Speex-1.1.6
2004-07-16 conradadded symbian/ directory containing build files for...