Minor quality tweak to 3.95 kbps mode.
[speexdsp.git] / speexclient /
2007-11-03 jmOops. Forgot to add speex_jitter_buffer.h
2007-11-03 jmjitter buffer: Cleaned up the remaining of the Speex...
2007-10-31 jmjitter buffer now uses JitterBufferPacket internally...
2007-10-21 jmcompiles again
2007-10-14 jmManual update -- including Speex-specific jitter buffer
2007-10-14 jmbuild details
2006-11-13 jmComments and a bit of cleaning up
2006-11-13 jmsome instructions
2006-11-13 jmFinally got around to merging the old speexclient code