Improved Doxygen comments
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex /
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-07-19 jmremoved unused buffer
2005-07-04 jmOops, fixed sse for vq.c
2005-06-27 jmDid some tuning, especially for the speech probability...
2005-06-27 jmShould fix the de-adaptation problem caused by sinusoids
2005-06-10 jmAdded a bunch of speex_free() calls in the sb_celp... Speex-1.1.10
2005-06-09 jmclobbering less registers
2005-06-09 jmAutotools support for Blackfin (now requires automake...
2005-06-09 jmRemoved accesses past array bounds.
2005-06-09 jmAllow the stack to be allocated with speex_alloc_scratch()
2005-06-09 jmsome more cleanup
2005-06-09 jmCleanup in filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmPartial cleanup of filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmfilter_mem2 now uses dual MAC (still needs some cleanup)
2005-06-09 jmA few more instructions in parallel
2005-06-08 jmMore optimizations to codebood search, target update...
2005-06-08 jmmore optimizations for complexity > 1
2005-06-08 jmDoing a lot less useless work for complexity > 1
2005-06-08 jmcomments
2005-06-07 jmSimplify search for complexity > 1
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly tweaking
2005-06-07 jmload in parallel
2005-06-07 jmAdded MAX16 operator
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly for compute_pitch_error
2005-06-07 jmSeparated time-critical portion of the pitch gain compu...
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly implementation of compute_impulse_res...
2005-06-06 jmoops forgot a zero in the sb_celp encoder stack
2005-06-06 jmRemoved unnecessary call to open_loop_nbest_pitch ...
2005-06-06 jmsaved two instructions in vq_nbest
2005-06-06 jmoops
2005-06-06 jmSpecial case for complexity 1
2005-06-06 jmRemoved workaround (LOOP_END offset) for the LSETUP...
2005-06-06 jmMinor cleanup patch by Alfred E. Heggestad
2005-06-05 jmremove unused variables
2005-06-05 jmBlackfin assembly for auto-correlation function
2005-06-05 jmBlackfin assembly for speex_move()
2005-06-05 jmAssembly implementation of iir_mem2
2005-06-05 jmfilter_mem2 completely in assembly
2005-06-05 jmBlackfin assembly optimizations.
2005-06-05 jmPacket loss concealment converted to fixed-point. Added...
2005-06-02 jmPreparing for 1.1.9 Speex-1.1.9
2005-06-01 jmBetter estimation of how well the filter is adapted.
2005-05-27 jmCleaned up arch-dependent optimizations
2005-05-27 jmProper de-allocation
2005-05-26 jmAllow setting the encoder and decoder stacks at compile...
2005-05-26 jmBetter check for memory allocation failure
2005-05-25 jmFixed-point fixes for 16-bit archs
2005-05-25 jmAdded command line
2005-05-25 jmShould fix a bug for platforms where a char is 16 bits.
2005-05-25 jmMade signal_div slightly more accurate and slightly...
2005-05-23 jmChanged storage of lpc coefficients so that it no longe...
2005-05-22 jm...
2005-05-21 jmLess aggressive on initial adaptation
2005-05-20 jmcomments
2005-05-13 jmAdded some comments
2005-05-13 jmOops. Fixed speex_decode() (float version only) when...
2005-05-11 jmspeex_echo_reset renamed speex_echo_state_reset
2005-05-11 jmCleaning up echo canceller
2005-05-10 jmFaster adaptation with "gradient projection"
2005-05-10 jmsome comments
2005-05-10 jmSome more AEC tuning
2005-05-10 jmremoved some // comments
2005-05-10 jmSome more regularization work, trying to adjust the...
2005-05-09 jmSmoothed correlation/energy
2005-05-09 jmSome more regularization work for mdf
2005-05-09 jmSystem in underdetermined, trying to work around that.
2005-05-08 jmSome more AEC cleanup. Played a bit with echo energy...
2005-05-08 jmSimplified the code a lot. Put back the denoiser hooks...
2005-05-07 jmtrying some ideas for soft-decision DTD based on residu...
2005-05-04 jmchanged version number for those not using autoconf
2005-05-02 jmsupport for top_builddir != top_srcdir
2005-05-02 jmAdded some control on the aggressiveness of the pitch...
2005-04-29 jmThink I fixed the PLC slowdown due to denorm/underflow...
2005-04-25 jmpseudo-stack optional for wideband too
2005-04-25 jmAutodetection of C99 variable arrays and alloca. The...
2005-04-25 jmconvert codebook data (signed char) to spx_word16_t...
2005-04-25 jmNow autodetects (and handles) size of integer types.
2005-04-24 jmsome cleaning up
2005-04-24 jmfixed-point stuff
2005-04-22 jmoops
2005-04-22 jmMore work on fixed-point operators
2005-04-22 jmAdded some more fixed-point operators
2005-04-22 jmFixed-point improvements (moved some stuff to 16-bit...
2005-04-02 jmOops, forgot to add MAC16_16_Q13 for float too.
2005-03-30 jmRemoved another bunch of warnings (when using some...
2005-03-30 jmfixed-point cleanup, removed some warnings
2005-03-25 jmMedian filter. May need that in the future.
2005-03-15 jmMerged a modified version of Jamey Hicks' C55 patch...
2005-03-11 jmSupport for alloca (untested)
2005-03-03 jmNow possible to put temporary arrays directly on the...
2005-03-03 jmFirst cleanup step for stack allocation
2005-03-02 jmComment
2005-03-01 jmcleanup
2005-03-01 jmReduced unnecessary buffers (reduced memory usage)
2005-02-17 jmoops, that should fix the float version
2005-02-09 jmUnrolled version of filter_mem2 and iir_mem2
2005-02-09 jmAdded a shortcut for ringing computation
2005-02-09 jmoops...
2005-02-09 jmadded a shortcut to skip every second sample in open...
2005-02-09 jmreordering asm