speex.[ch] renamed to nb_celp.[ch] for consistency
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / testenc_wb.c
2002-05-03 jmvalinspeex.[ch] renamed to nb_celp.[ch] for consistency
2002-05-02 jmvalinimplemented high-band spectral folding at the decoder
2002-05-02 jmvalinUnification of narrowband and wideband modes to simplif...
2002-04-02 jmvalinAdding sub-band CELP (SB-CELP) -like encoding. Still...
2002-03-26 jmvalinFixed pre-emphasis/de-emphasis in the decoder for wideband
2002-03-25 jmvalinWideband encoding seems to work
2002-03-25 jmvalinMulti-pulse quantization (not complete yet)
2002-03-15 jmvalinAdjustable LPC analysis (lag windowing, noise floor...
2002-03-15 jmvalinWideband encorer