some multi-channel conversion (lots more to do)
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / testecho.c
2006-02-12 jmsampling rate option
2005-12-21 jmecho residual is now an int32.
2005-11-20 jmAdd test* programs as noinst targets. Remove warnings Speex-1.1.11
2005-05-25 jmAdded command line
2005-05-11 jmCleaning up echo canceller
2005-05-10 jmFaster adaptation with "gradient projection"
2004-07-15 conradadded guarded #include "config.h" throughout libspeex...
2004-07-14 jmMoved all the includes from /usr/include to /usr/includ...
2004-07-09 jmSymbian support by Conrad Parker