cleaning up for 1.1
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / speex_preprocess.h
2003-09-18 jmAdded probability of speech presence to denoiser.
2003-09-18 jmcleanup
2003-09-17 jmbased the AGC adaptation decision on the MCRA stuff.
2003-09-17 jmadded function to update the estimates without applying...
2003-09-16 jmcleaned up stuff that was no longer necessary.
2003-09-16 jmimplemented MCRA noise adaptation
2003-09-16 jmadded sampling rate option to preprocessor
2003-09-16 jmsmallft.h doesn't need to be included from the .h files...
2003-09-16 jmRenamed the 'denoiser' to 'preprocessor', added options...