fixed-point: LPC/LSP cleanup
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / misc.h
2003-10-08 jmfixed-point: LPC/LSP cleanup
2003-10-08 jmfixed-point: LPC and LSP types changed to word16
2003-10-08 jmfixed-point: lpc stuff
2003-10-08 jmfixed-point work on LSP's
2003-10-08 jmfirst step in fixed-point port, converted the LPC filters
2003-03-22 jmcosmetic fixes
2003-03-10 jmRemoved some gcc warnings
2003-03-05 jmversion number bump
2003-02-05 jmversion change
2003-01-31 jmSome cleaning up that might help with MS compilers.
2003-01-28 jmPreparing for rc2
2003-01-08 jmAdded a return value (error) to the *ctl functions...
2003-01-07 jmoops! stupid bug
2003-01-06 jmcleanup: all use of libc has been moved to misc.c to...
2002-12-31 jmdocumentation update
2002-12-02 jmImplemented SPEEX_RESET_STATE and reduced memory alloca...
2002-10-27 jmMade the code valid for a C++ compiler (void* stuff...
2002-10-26 jmGetting ready for beta2
2002-10-11 jmChanged license to BSD
2002-09-12 jmvalinDoxygen...
2002-09-12 jmvalinMore Doxygen doc
2002-08-30 jmvalinJust in case someone forgets to define VERSION
2002-07-22 jmvalinReplaced memmove by speex_move
2002-07-22 jmvalinReplaced all malloc/calloc/free calls by speex_alloc...
2002-06-12 jmvalinHeader work...