Thorvald Natvig: Patch to query the impulse response from the AEC
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / lsp.h
2007-11-08 jmMoved the remaining of misc.h into arch.h
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2003-11-27 jmfixed-point: bw_lpc and lpc_to_lsp are now done.
2003-11-27 jmfixed-point: lsp_enforce_margin argument no longer...
2003-11-10 jmfixed-point: integerized lsp interpolation
2003-10-09 jmfixed-point: LSPs are now stored quantized
2003-10-08 jmfixed-point: QMF entirely in fixed-point now
2003-10-08 jmfirst step in fixed-point port, converted the LPC filters
2003-01-06 jmThink I made the stack operations more portable in...
2002-10-27 jmThe temp stack is now void* instead of float*
2002-10-11 jmChanged license to BSD
2002-07-07 jmvalinlicense/header stuff
2002-07-05 jmvalincode cleanup
2002-06-05 jmvalinConstrain LSP's to produce a stable filter
2002-03-05 jmvalinBig cleanup... filter memories, stack allocation, ...
2002-02-14 jmvalinOops... now the LSPs are there. Also, lpcSize now repre...