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[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / kiss_fft.c
2007-11-23 jmPatch by Thom Johansen: define and use SPEEX_MEMSET...
2007-11-08 jmMoved the remaining of misc.h into arch.h
2007-10-20 jmPut all the OS-dependent calls in os_support.h
2007-06-27 jmbit of cleaning up
2007-06-27 jmReplaced speex_error() by speex_fatal() and speex_assert()
2007-03-11 jmAccuracy improvement in radix-2 butterfly.
2007-03-11 jmoops, don't want stdio included
2007-03-11 jmReducing the number of butterfly function calls.
2007-03-09 jmImproved accuracy in forward fixed-point radix-4 butterfly.
2007-03-09 jmGetting rid of ugly (and dangerous) static data in...
2006-11-26 jmRemoved the generic PSHR/SHL/SHR operators and changed...
2006-11-07 jmkissfft initialisation no longer uses any float operati...
2006-06-15 jmcleaned up kiss_fft explicit dependencies on libc
2006-01-09 jmremove // comment
2006-01-07 jms/PSHR/PSHR16/
2005-12-22 jmInclude config.h here too
2005-12-22 jmsome bugfixes
2005-12-15 jmremove the "if (inverse)" from some of the loops
2005-12-15 jmremoved scaledown from the loop
2005-12-03 jmAdded kiss-fft support to fft-wrap, some fixed-point...
2005-12-02 jmChecking in a copy of Mark Borgerding's KISS-FFT. Will...