16-bit clean shift in lsp_to_lpc()
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / fixed_debug.h
2006-05-16 jmremoved a bunch of overflow cases, most of which were...
2006-05-07 jmOops! Defined MAC16_16_P13 for float and fixed-point...
2006-04-22 jmfixed an old bug in QCONST (and made it 16-bit clean)
2005-12-06 jmdefined QCONST
2005-04-25 jmNow autodetects (and handles) size of integer types.
2005-04-24 jmsome cleaning up
2005-04-22 jmMore work on fixed-point operators
2005-04-22 jmAdded some more fixed-point operators
2005-03-15 jmMerged a modified version of Jamey Hicks' C55 patch...
2003-12-04 jmAdded const's all over the place
2003-11-30 jmfixed-point: Fixed several overflows. Added an explicit...
2003-11-29 jmfixed-point: fixed another overflow problem
2003-11-29 jmfixed-point: fixed some overflows
2003-11-29 jmdebug code for fixed-point operators. Already fixed...
2003-11-29 jmseparated fixed-point operators in: generic, ARM, debug