16-bit clean shift in lsp_to_lpc()
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / filters_sse.h
2005-10-04 jmStupid off-by-one bug (thanks to David Laing for tracki...
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-05-27 jmCleaned up arch-dependent optimizations
2005-05-23 jmChanged storage of lpc coefficients so that it no longe...
2004-01-16 jmA couple 'const's to make that compile cleanly
2004-01-16 jmNew SSE implementation based on intrinsics instead...
2003-05-02 jmremoved multi-line strings
2003-03-19 jmgets rid of some warnings
2003-01-28 jmsome rc2 fixes
2002-10-26 jmAdded SSE support (gcc only) by defining _USE_SSE