decoder excitation now in 16-bit precision (was 32), which saves quite a bit
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / filters_bfin.h
2006-04-30 jmblackfin: proper rounding in 16-bit filters
2006-04-29 jmfir_mem16 implemented using filter_mem16 on Blackfin
2006-04-29 jmblackfin assembly for iir_mem16
2006-04-29 jmBlackfin assembly version of filter_mem16
2006-02-11 jmThink I fixed some Blackfin assembly syntax issues...
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-06-09 jmclobbering less registers
2005-06-09 jmsome more cleanup
2005-06-09 jmCleanup in filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmPartial cleanup of filter_mem2
2005-06-09 jmfilter_mem2 now uses dual MAC (still needs some cleanup)
2005-06-09 jmA few more instructions in parallel
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly tweaking
2005-06-07 jmload in parallel
2005-06-07 jmBlackfin assembly implementation of compute_impulse_res...
2005-06-06 jmsaved two instructions in vq_nbest
2005-06-06 jmRemoved workaround (LOOP_END offset) for the LSETUP...
2005-06-05 jmAssembly implementation of iir_mem2
2005-06-05 jmfilter_mem2 completely in assembly
2005-06-05 jmBlackfin assembly optimizations.