16-bit clean shift in lsp_to_lpc()
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / filters_arm4.h
2006-04-16 jmthis should fix the ARM assembly (but I can't test...
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-05-27 jmCleaned up arch-dependent optimizations
2005-05-23 jmChanged storage of lpc coefficients so that it no longe...
2005-04-22 jmoops
2005-02-09 jmUnrolled version of filter_mem2 and iir_mem2
2005-02-07 jmadded some %= signs for labels
2005-02-07 jmARM assembly version of pitch_xcorr, moved all ARM...