fixed-point: Got rid of the three last float bits in the
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / fftwrap.c
2007-11-08 jmMoved the remaining of misc.h into arch.h
2007-10-20 jmPut all the OS-dependent calls in os_support.h
2007-03-11 jmfixed some warnings.
2007-03-08 jmremoved copy buffer now that I modified kiss_fft to...
2007-03-05 jmRemoved one step of unnecessary copying of data and...
2006-11-30 jmuse non-buggy version of PSHR for fft normalisation
2006-11-15 jmMinor C89 fix
2006-10-25 jmOops, re-enabling kissfft as default
2006-10-10 jmBig preprocessor cleanup. Implemented mel filterbank...
2006-08-13 jmMaking libspeex C++-friendly
2006-07-29 jmcopyright details, more info about the mdf learning...
2006-05-10 jmdisabled some smallft-based debug code
2006-04-29 jmbig kludge for braindead (non C99) compilers.
2006-02-09 jmfixed lots of warning/errors on retarded (non-C99)...
2005-12-22 jmoops, that's why FIXED_POINT wasn't enabled here
2005-12-15 jmcleaned up the fixed-point version
2005-12-04 jmSome accuracy improvements
2005-12-03 jmAdded kiss-fft support to fft-wrap, some fixed-point...
2005-12-02 jmAdded a wrapper around the FFT so any FFT can be used