fixed-point version of the high-pass seems to work now.
[speexdsp.git] / libspeex / cb_search_bfin.h
2006-05-31 jmFixed Blackfin bug with target_update length was 0.
2006-05-30 jmBlackfin quality regression fix and gcc 4.1 (missing...
2006-05-26 jmupdated innovation shifts on Blackfin
2005-08-30 jmImproved Doxygen comments
2005-06-09 jmclobbering less registers
2005-06-09 jmRemoved accesses past array bounds.
2005-06-08 jmMore optimizations to codebood search, target update...
2005-06-06 jmRemoved workaround (LOOP_END offset) for the LSETUP...
2005-06-05 jmBlackfin assembly optimizations.