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[speexdsp.git] / include / speex / speex_resampler.h
2007-02-12 jmmore doc
2007-02-12 jmSome formatting so that Mike can stop killing kittens.
2007-02-12 jmSeparated the normal (integer frequency) calls from...
2007-02-12 jmAdded interleave_int() call.
2007-02-05 jmMore API doc
2007-02-05 jmsome API documentation
2007-02-02 jminitial support for changing the filter length on the...
2007-02-01 jmChanged the resampler API again. Introducing a quality...
2007-01-22 jmresampler inner loop in fixed-point
2007-01-22 jmstarting fixed-point version of resampler.
2007-01-22 jmseparated into header, source and test program.