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2008-12-11 Jean-Marc ValinUpdated draft
2008-12-11 Alfred E. Heggestadpatch: speex doc typos
2008-12-01 Jean-Marc ValinDocumenting the pitch decoding
2008-11-09 Jean-Marc ValinDocumenting the decoder
2008-06-03 Jean-Marc ValinJitter buffer update
2008-06-02 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'stereo'
2008-05-27 jmPatch by Thorvald Natvig to add FFTW3 support
2008-05-21 jmAdding "listing" tags in manual
2008-05-19 jmManual fixes as suggested by Ron
2008-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'master' into stereo
2008-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinMore changes merged from single channel case, renamed...
2008-05-19 Jean-Marc ValinBig update in the multi-channel AEC to bring it up...
2008-05-18 jmminor manual changes
2008-05-18 jmFigure for component integration
2008-02-02 jmFixing some typos in the manual (thanks to Peter Grayso...
2007-12-08 jmMinGW support by mikael Magnusson and last updates... Speex-1.2beta3
2007-11-27 jmDoc update (jitter buffer and other random stuff)
2007-11-26 jmmanual: jitter buffer update
2007-11-25 jmDocumentation on DISABLE_VBR and DISABLE_FLOAT_API
2007-10-22 jminfo on optimisations
2007-10-21 jmRe-arranged the wideband mode so that programs using...
2007-10-21 jmmanual cleanup
2007-10-15 jmMoved FAQ to the wiki
2007-10-14 jmoops...
2007-10-14 jmManual update -- including Speex-specific jitter buffer
2007-10-14 jmreorganising sections in the manual
2007-10-14 jmdoc update
2007-10-14 jmUsing LaTeX listing package for the doc instead of...
2007-10-12 jmmanual update
2007-10-10 jmreorganising the manual for the split
2007-10-04 jmfixed wideband bit-rates in the manual
2007-06-06 conradRemove hardcoded docdir, mandir from {doc,src}/Makefile...
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2007-05-22 jmupdated pdf manual
2007-05-22 jmManual update
2007-05-17 jmUse the source, Luke
2007-05-16 jmAdded quality table for wideband
2007-05-04 jmfixed typo. Thanks k
2007-04-30 jmsome info on the mode-quality mapping
2007-04-30 jm...
2007-04-30 jmManual update -- the good side of waiting for hours...
2007-03-29 jmbits of stuff about the resampler.
2007-03-27 jmaec stuff
2007-03-27 jmAEC figure
2007-03-27 jmAttempting to make Speex harder to misuse (for those...
2006-11-13 jmUpdated manual based on new preprocessor work
2006-08-12 jmadded CELP decoder figure
2006-08-12 jmUpdated the Speex/CELP part based on AES and LCA papers.
2006-08-12 jmUpdated API-related parts (codec + AEC).
2006-06-11 jmoops. decoder must delete decoder...
2005-11-20 jmUpdate for 1.1.11
2005-10-14 gilesAdd a copy of the latest rtp draft.
2005-09-05 jmminor changes
2005-06-27 jmFixed typo
2005-05-11 jmDocumentation update. Added info about preprocessor...
2004-12-30 philkerrgit-svn-id: svn.xiph.org/trunk/speex@8560 0101bb08...
2004-12-30 philkerrgit-svn-id: svn.xiph.org/trunk/speex@8559 0101bb08...
2004-10-02 gilesCorrect some cut-and-paste errors.
2004-07-14 jmdocumentation update, build/install tweaks
2004-07-09 jmAdded some stuff about the preprocessor
2004-04-20 jmspeex_encode/speex_decode are back to using floats...
2004-02-18 jm.cvsignore files
2003-12-18 jmtypo
2003-11-06 jmmanual update
2003-05-01 jmadded --enable-sse to configure
2003-03-23 jmshould be last cosmetic fixes for 1.0 Speex-1.0
2003-03-23 jmnew project files by john33, spelling fixes by vanguardist
2003-03-23 jmminor fixes
2003-03-22 jmspelling fixes
2003-03-22 jmcosmetic fixes
2003-03-19 jm...
2003-03-18 jmminor tweaks, removed some warnings
2003-03-17 jmmanual update. Made libtool use -version-info. removed...
2003-03-17 jm...
2003-03-13 jm...
2003-03-11 jmUse "times" package instead of bitmap fonts
2003-03-05 jmversion number bump
2003-03-03 jmPDF update for rc3 Speex-1.0rc3
2003-03-03 jmsome tuning
2003-02-26 jmdraft submitted to the IETF
2003-02-26 jmcomments in samples
2003-02-26 jmdoc update
2003-02-17 jmReorganization of the doc, added sample source code
2003-01-31 jmSome cleaning up that might help with MS compilers.
2003-01-29 jmmanual update for rc2 Speex-1.0rc2
2003-01-28 jmPreparing for rc2
2003-01-16 jmoops...
2003-01-16 jmupdated manual for 4 kbps mode
2003-01-15 jmdoc
2003-01-11 jmmisc.
2003-01-10 jmmostly wideband tuning...
2003-01-06 jmUsed the last 4 bits of mode1 for a CNG flag, plus...
2003-01-06 jmcleanup: all use of libc has been moved to misc.c to...
2003-01-05 jmfixed some bugs in wave input: should now handle extra...
2003-01-04 jmspeexdec a bit more robust to corrupted files, misc...
2002-12-31 jm...
2002-12-31 jmdocumentation update
2002-12-20 jmmisc stuff for beta4
2002-12-02 jmImplemented SPEEX_RESET_STATE and reduced memory alloca...
2002-11-27 jm...