Decoder can now play to soundcard
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2002-06-05 jmvalinDecoder can now play to soundcard
2002-06-05 jmvalinConstrain LSP's to produce a stable filter
2002-06-03 jmvalinAdded speex_ctl call to set codec parameters (e.g....
2002-05-22 jmvalin... Speex-0.1.1
2002-05-21 jmvalinAPI documentation
2002-05-15 jmvalinRemoved narrowband 256x8 codebook from build. Speex-0.1.0
2002-05-15 jmvalinnow compiles without warning
2002-05-14 jmvalinspeexenc and speexdec now use the Ogg bitstream. This...
2002-05-09 jmvalinLast cleanup for 0.0.3 Speex-0.0.3
2002-05-03 jmvalinNow, all the includes we need to use Speex are speex...
2002-04-15 jmvalinMoving on for 0.0.2, updated the "real" encoder and... Speex-0.0.2
2002-03-26 jmvalin...
2002-03-14 jmvalinBunp to 0.0.1
2002-02-27 jmvalinAdded 3-tap pitch predictor by analysis by synthesis
2002-02-19 jmvalinForgot the includes...
2002-02-19 jmvalinMakefile system seems to work