Separated the version macros
[speexdsp.git] /
2004-07-09 jmSeparated the version macros
2004-04-22 jmLast changes for 1.1.5 Speex-1.1.5
2004-04-02 jmconfigure should now add -msse when --enable-sse is...
2004-03-08 jmMade error message more clear
2004-02-18 jmPatch for compiling with mingw32 sent by
2004-02-18 jmIntegrated IRIX patch (getopt stuff) from Michael Pruet...
2004-02-12 jmadded extra valgrind checks for the Speex stack
2004-01-19 jmFixed FIXED_POINT bug caused during SSE-ification.
2003-12-04 jmAdded const's all over the place
2003-12-01 jmversion changed to 1.1.3 Speex-1.1.3
2003-11-29 jmfixed-point: fixed some overflows
2003-11-11 jmversion change for 1.1.2
2003-11-11 jmfixed-point: Defined fused multiply-add operators and...
2003-10-09 jmfixed-point: LSP quantization cleanup
2003-09-19 jmlast minor updates for 1.1
2003-06-12 jmsound output for *BSD and Solaris
2003-05-13 jmMerged an experimental (and non-standard) 4.8 kbps...
2003-05-08 jmversion bump
2003-05-01 jmadded --enable-sse to configure
2003-03-22 jmcosmetic fixes
2003-03-18 jmminor tweaks, removed some warnings
2003-03-17 jmmanual update. Made libtool use -version-info. removed...
2003-03-05 jmversion number bump
2003-03-03 jmbuild fix for FreeBSD (gnugetopt), allow VBR without DTX
2003-03-03 jmsome tuning
2003-02-05 jmversion change
2003-01-28 jmPreparing for rc2
2002-12-31 jmdocumentation update
2002-12-20 jmbeta4 details...
2002-12-20 jmmisc stuff for beta4
2002-11-27 jm...
2002-11-11 jmMisc stuff for beta 3
2002-11-10 jmUpdate for non-standard (not 8,16,32 kHz) sampling...
2002-11-01 jm...
2002-10-26 jmGetting ready for beta2
2002-10-11 jmAdded MSVC project files to the distribution
2002-10-03 jmvalinAdded manual to installation
2002-08-29 jmvalinpreparing for 1.0beta1
2002-08-23 jmvalinImproved libogg checking and added option to directly...
2002-08-22 jmvalinWin32 support, thanks to john33 (Hydrogen Audio)
2002-08-14 jmvalinBumped version #
2002-08-02 jmvalinBug fixes, many leaks/errors fixed thanks to valgrind...
2002-07-31 jmvalinAdded bit-rate information via speex_*_ctl calls, fixed...
2002-07-29 jmvalinadded encoder complexity option
2002-07-17 jmvalinNew post-filter based on a new way of moving poles...
2002-07-10 jmvalinMore VBR work.
2002-06-25 jmvalinFirst step to variable bit-rate (VBR): it is now possib...
2002-06-17 jmvalin...
2002-06-12 jmvalinoops...
2002-06-12 jmvalinSpeex *should* now work on big-endian architectures.
2002-06-12 jmvalinEndianness check
2002-06-07 jmvalinGetting ready for 0.2.0 Speex-0.2.0
2002-06-05 jmvalinDecoder can now play to soundcard
2002-06-05 jmvalinConstrain LSP's to produce a stable filter
2002-06-03 jmvalinAdded speex_ctl call to set codec parameters (e.g....
2002-05-22 jmvalin... Speex-0.1.1
2002-05-21 jmvalinAPI documentation
2002-05-15 jmvalinRemoved narrowband 256x8 codebook from build. Speex-0.1.0
2002-05-15 jmvalinnow compiles without warning
2002-05-14 jmvalinspeexenc and speexdec now use the Ogg bitstream. This...
2002-05-09 jmvalinLast cleanup for 0.0.3 Speex-0.0.3
2002-05-03 jmvalinNow, all the includes we need to use Speex are speex...
2002-04-15 jmvalinMoving on for 0.0.2, updated the "real" encoder and... Speex-0.0.2
2002-03-26 jmvalin...
2002-03-14 jmvalinBunp to 0.0.1
2002-02-27 jmvalinAdded 3-tap pitch predictor by analysis by synthesis
2002-02-19 jmvalinForgot the includes...
2002-02-19 jmvalinMakefile system seems to work