start_offset argument no longer required (original behaviour) and minor
[speexdsp.git] /
2007-11-18 jm--disable-float-api and --disable-vbr
2007-11-15 jmautoconf update related to win32 project update
2007-11-10 jmLag window now stored as const data instead of computed...
2007-11-09 jmautoconf cleanup
2007-10-15 jmAdded pkg-config file for libspeexdsp
2007-10-14 jmManual update -- including Speex-specific jitter buffer
2007-08-09 jmfixing the build
2007-07-26 jmPatch by moritz (ticket #1213) that fixes three build...
2007-06-09 jmversion change
2007-05-17 jmmisc updates to prepare for 1.2beta2
2006-11-12 jmDocumentation for the echo canceller and preprocessor...
2006-09-04 jmversion string with no dash Speex-1.2beta1
2006-08-30 jmmore replacements of int with spx_int32_t
2006-08-17 jmlibtool version info
2006-08-12 jmversion change (1.2-beta1)
2006-05-28 jmAdded -Wl,-elf2flt=-s100000 to the LDFLAGS for Blackfin
2006-05-20 jmGot completely rid of the 64bit type (was only used...
2006-04-29 jmCRLF -> LF
2006-04-29 illiminable* Update in libspeex
2006-04-13 jmversion change
2006-02-10 jmpreparing for 1.1.12
2006-01-28 jmset the right macro for ARM5E assembly
2005-12-28 jmversion
2005-12-20 gilesUpdate libogg download url.
2005-12-19 xiphmontAdd to build system, fix a segfault...
2005-12-02 jmversion change to Speex-
2005-11-18 jmAdded ti/ directory
2005-10-12 jmversion update
2005-06-14 jmAdded the readme file
2005-06-09 jmAutotools support for Blackfin (now requires automake...
2005-06-02 jmPreparing for 1.1.9 Speex-1.1.9
2005-05-06 jmspeex_types.h now contains definitions for all archs...
2005-04-29 jmDetection of alloca and c99 arrays should work even...
2005-04-26 jmspeex_types.h for win32 and symbian
2005-04-25 jmAdded --enable-16bit-precision option
2005-04-25 jmAutodetection of C99 variable arrays and alloca. The...
2005-04-25 jmNow autodetects (and handles) size of integer types.
2005-04-22 jmFixed-point improvements (moved some stuff to 16-bit...
2005-03-15 jmMerged a modified version of Jamey Hicks' C55 patch...
2005-03-02 jmfixed automake syntax error, changed version number Speex-1.1.7
2005-02-05 jmRenamed --enable-arm-asm to --enable-arm5e-asm to refle...
2004-08-13 conradremove references to noglobals stuff from build
2004-07-21 conradadd define of DISABLE_GLOBAL_POINTERS back to configure...
2004-07-15 conradsvn moved to