VS2008 project files by Aaron Rosenberg
[speexdsp.git] / autogen.sh
2007-06-12 jmMakes kdevelop non-default builds work properly
2006-10-26 gilesMerge updates to the autogen.sh script from other packa...
2005-06-18 thomasvsenable maintainer mode for autogen builds by default
2004-07-15 conradAdd use of autoheader:
2004-07-09 jmSeparated the version macros
2004-04-22 jmLast changes for 1.1.5 Speex-1.1.5
2004-04-02 gilesAvoid a warning by calling aclocal before libtoolize.
2002-08-23 jmvalin...
2002-04-09 jmvalina "replacement" for configure for CVS code