OS2 support for stdin/stdout support in speexenc/speexdec (by Franz Bekan)
[speexdsp.git] / Speex.kdevelop
2007-10-21 jmfixed makefiles (damn kdevelop)
2007-06-09 jmDefined fixed-point and floating-point builds.
2007-05-17 jmmisc updates to prepare for 1.2beta2
2007-03-27 jmUpdated TODO, Doxygen, project file
2006-11-12 jmDocumentation for the echo canceller and preprocessor...
2005-12-02 jmactive target
2004-04-20 jmspeex_encode/speex_decode are back to using floats...
2004-03-22 jmAdded kdevelop project file