Doing some sanity checking (just in case) on the propagated long-term
[speexdsp.git] /
2005-11-18 jmMoved README.TI-DSP to main dir
2005-11-18 jmAdded ti/ directory
2005-06-14 jmAdded the readme file
2005-06-09 jmAutotools support for Blackfin (now requires automake...
2005-05-06 jmspeex_types.h now contains definitions for all archs...
2004-07-15 jmcleanup in EC and hitter buffer. removed some automake...
2004-07-15 conradAdd use of autoheader:
2004-07-14 jmdocumentation update, build/install tweaks
2004-07-14 jmMoved all the includes from /usr/include to /usr/includ...
2004-07-09 jmSeparated the version macros
2004-03-22 jmAdded kdevelop project file
2004-02-18 jmChanged the so that KDevelop can parse...
2002-10-11 jmAdded MSVC project files to the distribution
2002-10-03 jmvalinAdded manual to installation
2002-07-31 jmvalinEasier to build RPMS, thanks to Fredrik Rambris
2002-06-12 jmvalinSpeex *should* now work on big-endian architectures.
2002-05-22 jmvalin... Speex-0.1.1
2002-03-26 jmvalin...
2002-02-19 jmvalinMakefile system seems to work