descriptionStand-alone decoder library for .opus streams.
ownergit version control
last changeFri, 7 Jul 2017 23:04:50 +0000 (16:04 -0700)
2017-07-07 Timothy B.... Improve source/stream terminology consistency master
2017-07-07 Timothy B.... Minor documentation cross-reference.
2017-06-17 Timothy B.... http: Fix assertion broken for IPv6 addresses.
2017-06-07 Ralph GilesPropogate openssl CFLAGS to the opusurl build.
2017-06-07 Ralph Gilesmingw: Drop fedora from dist version.
2017-06-07 Ralph Gilesmingw: Query git for dist version.
2017-06-06 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker base image to fedora:25.
2017-05-26 Ralph GilesUpdate mingw dependencies.
2017-05-24 Timothy B.... Fix two compiler warnings.
2017-05-24 Timothy B.... Fix uninitialized free in tag parsing.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Minor documentation fix.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Harmonize op_raw_total() and op_raw_seek()
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Improve handling of holes (corrupt pages).
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Avoid operations linear in the number of links.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Minor comment updates.
2017-05-19 Timothy B.... Use OpenSSL's hostname validation if available.
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4 years ago v0.1 opusfile version 0.1
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