descriptionStand-alone decoder library for .opus streams.
ownergit version control
last changeWed, 27 May 2015 17:34:46 +0000 (10:34 -0700)
2015-05-27 Ralph GilesRegularize wording for --disable-examples. master
2015-05-27 Simon JacksonAdd configure option to stop examples being built,...
2015-02-27 Timothy B.... Broaden the test for AI_NUMERICSERV.
2014-07-04 Ralph GilesUpdate gitignore.
2014-06-11 Ralph GilesBump soname for v0.6. v0.6
2014-04-12 Thomas KlausnerLook for ftime() in libcompat.
2014-03-30 Timothy B.... Document that op_bitrate() is for all streams.
2014-03-26 Timothy B.... Minor cleanups.
2014-03-25 Timothy B.... Fix METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE check for all-0 params.
2014-03-16 Timothy B.... Fix header reading for non-Opus streams.
2014-03-12 Timothy B.... Minor simplification to op_fetch_headers_impl().
2014-03-03 Timothy B.... Fix opus_tags_add() and opus_tags_add_comment().
2014-01-11 Timothy B.... Fix an llvm signed overflow warning.
2014-01-10 Ralph GilesFix up release checklist based on the v0.5 experience.
2014-01-09 Ralph GilesFix typo in release checklist. v0.5
2014-01-09 Ralph GilesBump soname version for v0.5.
13 months ago v0.6 opusfile version 0.6
18 months ago v0.5 opusfile version 0.5
23 months ago v0.4 opusfile version 0.4
23 months ago v0.3 opusfile version 0.3
2 years ago v0.2 opusfile version 0.2
2 years ago v0.1 opusfile version 0.1
2 months ago master
18 months ago mingw
2 years ago winsock