descriptionStand-alone decoder library for .opus streams.
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2016-06-01 Ralph GilesIgnore documentation output directories.
2016-06-01 Ralph GilesMention attaching tarballs to github.
2016-01-06 Ralph GilesAdd release checksums for opusfile 0.7.
2016-01-05 Ralph GilesMerge the generic bits of the release notes into the... v0.7
2016-01-05 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker base to Fedora 23.
2016-01-04 Ralph Gilesmingw: Building on Fedora 22 works as well.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add a package target.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Build just deps by default, not that static...
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Bump docker build to Fedora 21.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: remove 'make check' steps.
2016-01-01 Ralph Gilesmingw: Add a Dockerfile describing cross build.
2016-01-01 Ralph GilesFix typo.
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