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last changeSat, 18 Oct 2014 00:04:45 +0000
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: bump draft date and version for 06 publication. master draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: Mention 'malformed' at the first instance...
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: Refer to RFC 6716 on how to handle malformed...
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: use 'invalid' to match other occurances and...
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: Improve wording.
13 days ago Ralph Gilesoggopus: Refer to 'TOC sequence' instead of byte.
2014-10-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Fix opus_encode_ctl invocations.
2014-10-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Improve wording. draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-05
2014-10-14 Ralph Gilesoggopus: bump draft date and version for 05 publication.
2014-10-14 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Clarify leading zeros are ok for R128 tags.
2014-10-12 Tristan Matthewstests: fix linking for --enable-fixed-point on ARM v1.1.1-beta
2014-10-07 Ralph GilesUpdate mp4 encapsulation spec to v0.5.3.
2014-10-04 Timothy B.... There are no tabs in source code.
2014-10-04 Timothy B.... Fix build bustage from c95c9a048.
2014-10-04 xiangmingzhuCisco optimization for x86 & fixed point
2014-09-30 Jean-Marc Valin-DOPUS_WILL_BE_SLOW to disable the no-optimization...
13 days ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06.
2 weeks ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-05 Source of draft-ietf-codec-opus-05
2 weeks ago v1.1.1-beta Opus 1.1.1-beta release
2 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04
2 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03 Source for draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03.
9 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-01 This version of doc/draft-ietf...
9 months ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-02 This revision of doc/draft-ietf...
10 months ago v1.1 Opus 1.1
10 months ago v1.1-rc3 Opus 1.1 release candidate 3
11 months ago v1.1-rc2 Opus 1.1 release candidate 2
11 months ago v1.1-rc Opus 1.1 release candidate
15 months ago v1.1-beta Opus 1.1-beta release
15 months ago v1.0.3 Opus 1.0.3 release
22 months ago v1.1-alpha Opus 1.1-alpha release
22 months ago v1.0.2 Opus 1.0.2 release
2 years ago v1.0.1 Official 1.0.1 stable release
13 days ago master
4 months ago exp_mips_opt
10 months ago opt_float
11 months ago exp_mips_alt
11 months ago silk_pitch_fix
13 months ago exp_surround1
15 months ago 1.0.x
16 months ago msvc
16 months ago exp_temporal
16 months ago exp_temporal1
17 months ago surround
19 months ago ietf-draft
20 months ago exp_analysis
20 months ago exp_delayed_decision
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