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2 days ago Jean-Marc Valinupdating update draft master
2016-10-05 Jean-Marc ValinFixing some opus_int vs opus_int32 mismatches
2016-09-20 Jean-Marc ValinUsing OPUS_MOVE() instead of OPUS_COPY() to move redund...
2016-09-20 Jean-Marc ValinConsider per-channel energy bits in surround_rate_alloc...
2016-09-16 Jean-Marc ValinFixes surround_analysis() for frame size > 20 ms
2016-09-16 Felicia LimRemove float ops from encoder settings fuzzer test
2016-09-15 Jean-Marc ValinFix mixed declarations and code
2016-09-15 Felicia LimFuzzer test for changing encoder settings online
2016-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents ridiculously large gains from causing inf...
2016-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixing failure due to CBR allocating zero byte to a...
2016-09-08 Michael GraczykFix ambisonics bitrate when bitrate_bps is OPUS_AUTO
2016-09-08 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an internal error in the Opus encoder
2016-09-07 Jean-Marc ValinPrevent tonality estimator from running too often with...
2016-09-07 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents an overflow in multi-stream encoder rate compu...
2016-09-03 Mark HarrisAllow disabling phase inversion for multistream
2016-09-02 Jean-Marc Valinmisc fixes to update draft
3 months ago v1.1.3 Release 1.1.3
9 months ago v1.1.2 Release 1.1.2
10 months ago v1.1.1 Opus 1.1.1 release
11 months ago v1.1.1-rc Opus 1.1.1-rc release
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06.
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-05 Source of draft-ietf-codec-opus-05
2 years ago v1.1.1-beta Opus 1.1.1-beta release
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04 Source of draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03 Source for draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03.
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-01 This version of doc/draft-ietf...
2 years ago draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-02 This revision of doc/draft-ietf...
2 years ago v1.1 Opus 1.1
2 years ago v1.1-rc3 Opus 1.1 release candidate 3
2 years ago v1.1-rc2 Opus 1.1 release candidate 2
2 years ago v1.1-rc Opus 1.1 release candidate
3 years ago v1.1-beta Opus 1.1-beta release
2 days ago master
2 days ago update_draft
7 weeks ago exp_stereo_vbr3
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