2016-07-17 Koen Vostake advantage of more efficient NLSF quantization...
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF_del_dec_quant minor clean up
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF_encode now also uses NLSF weights from table
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF VQ now uses absolute error, and prediction
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF decoding now uses tables for NLSF weights
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinImplement sum_sqr_shift() using two passes with no...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying fast_atan2f()
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Increase CELT rate for voiced frames in hybrid...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinBetter modeling of the effect of CBR and complexity
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinRe-enabling high-band attenuation for hybrid mode
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Retrained classifier MLP with better data
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinUsing "hybrid" flag instead of "start!=0"
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Making the encoder more aggressive at using...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Removes high-band attenuation in hybrid mode...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Adds SILK rate interpolation function
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Makes real CELT VBR work for hybrid too
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Forces trim to 5 on hybrid mode
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Encoding music in full-band stereo from 32...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: removes VBR attenuation at low bitrate
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdds checksum for 1.1.3
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinSlightly increase the safety margin for opus_pcm_soft_c... v1.1.3
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinFixes opus_pcm_soft_clip() returning values slightly...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinApply 02f3ac225f99 fix for divide-by-zero to the SSE4...
2016-07-08 Jonathan LennoxFix RTCD on ARM with Neon Intrinsics but not ASM.
2016-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinbump static PACKAGE_VERSION string in version.mk
2016-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinbump OPUS_LT_REVISION
2016-07-08 Mark HarrisPackets indicating DTX may be up to 2 bytes
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesTest common configure switches on travis.
2016-07-08 Ralph GilesAdd a minimal travis continuous integration script.
2016-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinMakes CBR calculations more accurate for 60-ms frames
2016-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinRespect CBR even at ridiculourly low rate
2016-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents an invalid ToC to be generated at ridiculously...
2016-07-07 Jean-Marc Valinmake len==0 return OPUS_INVALID_PACKET rather than...
2016-07-07 Jean-Marc ValinCheck for len<1 in opus_packet_parse_impl()
2016-07-06 Timothy B.... Remove tabs from source code.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd Aarch64 intrinsic for SIG2WORD16.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd Aarch64 intrinsics for saturated add/subtract.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd configure check for Aarch64-specific Neon intrinsics.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxClean up formatting of configure output for ARM intrins...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd OPUS_FAST_INT64 definition of silk_SMULWT.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxExplicitly cast results of silk OPUS_FAST_INT64 macros...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd OPUS_FAST_INT64 flavors of celt/fixed_generic.h...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxMove OPUS_FAST_INT64 definition to celt/arch.h.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxClean up some intrinsics-related wording in configure.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxEnable intrinsics by default.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd Neon fixed-point implementation of xcorr_kernel.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd Neon intrinsics for Silk noise shape feedback loop.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxApply Neon short prediction optimization to silk_noise_...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd Neon intrinsics for Silk noise shape quantization.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxAdd named constants for ARM architecture variants.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxEnable Neon intrinsics for aarch64.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxRename OPUS_ARM_NEON_INTR AM_CONDITIONAL as HAVE_ARM_NE...
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxReorganize ARM CPU #ifdefs.
2016-07-06 Jonathan LennoxMove ARM-specific macro overrides to arm-specific file.
2016-07-06 Mark HarrisUpdate URLs
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesFix typo.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesUpdate links in release checklist.
2016-07-06 Ralph GilesAdd checksums for opusfile 0.8.
2016-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinReplace another useless 32x16 multiply with 16x16
2016-07-05 Jean-Marc ValinReplacing some 32x16 multiplies with 16x16 when both...
2016-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinFix folding bug in draft too
2016-07-04 Ralph GilesAssert non-overlapping memcpy. r=mark4o
2016-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinForgot to call RESTORE_STACK in 328953e1896432bc700b9b5...
2016-07-04 Jean-Marc Valinupdate draft fixes
2016-07-04 Jean-Marc ValinMaking calls to opus_packet_pad() on a bad packet retur...
2016-07-01 Jean-Marc Valinminor update draft update
2016-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinAdding hybrid folding section and new testvectors to...
2016-06-30 Michael GraczykFix build error from comma at end of enum
2016-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing more issues from scan-build
2016-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinAddress static analysis reports from scan-build
2016-06-29 Michael GraczykAdd static bitrate allocation and force CELT-only for...
2016-06-29 Michael GraczykAdd experimental support for ambisonic encoding
2016-06-28 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an invalid read in compute_stereo_width() for...
2016-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinFixes minor code quality issues in CELT
2016-06-20 Jean-Marc ValinFixes potential overflow on 16-bit platforms
2016-06-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes signed integer overflow in fixed-point Burg
2016-06-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point precision issue in remove_doubling()
2016-06-18 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an overflow in the constrained VBR code for bitra...
2016-06-04 Felicia LimSaturate when adding prediction to LPC excitation to...
2016-06-02 Ralph GilesUpdate ISO Base Media Format draft to version 0.6.8.
2016-05-31 Jonathan LennoxList intrinsics flags being tested after existing cflag...
2016-05-31 Jonathan LennoxModify autoconf tests for intrinsics to stop clang...
2016-05-18 Ricardo Constantino... Add remaining generated files to gitignore
2016-05-18 Ricardo Constantino... Clean doxygen_sqlite3.db
2016-05-18 Ricardo Constantino... Move .exe back to root .gitignore for mingw builds
2016-05-18 Ralph GilesUpdate EXTRA_DIST to ship the VS2015 project files.
2016-05-18 Ralph GilesRemove VS2010 project files.
2016-05-17 Orestes ZoupanosMove Visual Studio GitIgnores to own file
2016-05-17 Orestes ZoupanosFix DLL errors and Additional Library Directories
2016-05-12 Ricardo Constantino... Fix VS2015 dynamic builds by adding DLL_EXPORT to CFLAGS
2016-05-11 Ralph GilesRemove redundant .gitignore entries.
2016-05-11 Orestes ZoupanosBetter Git Ignores for Visual Studio. r=rillian
2016-05-11 Ralph GilesDon't ignore win32.
2016-05-11 uraymeiviarfix build settings for DLL project, runtime library...
2016-05-11 uraymeiviarAdded Visual Studio 2015 solution and added ReleaseDLL...
2016-04-22 Jean-Marc ValinFixes floating-point bug introduced in be9e747bcc542c27...
2016-04-20 Daniel Verkampwin32: only use dllexport when building DLL
2016-04-16 Felicia LimTurn on CELT's PLC only if there are >=2 packets receiv...
2016-04-16 Soren Skak... cng exitation signal can saturate. Use same scaling...
2016-03-30 Felicia LimFix valgrind unaddressable mem read error