2011-02-10 Jean-Marc ValinRelicensing under the simplified (2-clause) BSD license
2011-02-09 Gregory MaxwellCELT_SET_END_BAND_REQUEST in the decoder was performing...
2011-02-08 Gregory MaxwellEncoder fixes for NB/WB/SWB modes.
2011-02-08 Gregory MaxwellUpdate celtclient to the new API.
2011-02-07 Jean-Marc Valinminor detail with the last patch
2011-02-06 Timothy B.... 16-bit int fixes.
2011-02-06 Jean-Marc ValinFix previous commit by still capping what the encoder...
2011-02-05 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing maxCompressedBytes to be as large as one wants
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinMaking encoder-side clipping optional
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinBump LT_CURRENT and fix configure output messages
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinSTATIC_MODES no longer used
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinConfigure option for custom modes
2011-02-04 Gregory Maxwell1275 byte packets is the absolute maximum packet size...
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinSkipping most of the PLC code for DTX
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinVersion number bump
2011-02-04 Gregory MaxwellThis removes some pointless/dead code.
2011-02-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an int overflow in the VBR code
2011-02-04 Timothy B.... Check for mode creation failure before we try to use it.
2011-02-04 Gregory MaxwellThis fixes the frame_size check on the encoder and...
2011-02-04 Timothy B.... Refactor the entropy coder.
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinIncreasing the pitch gain resolution
2011-02-03 RonAlign the sample buffer for short
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinDisabling the postfilter when complexity<5 or when...
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinReplaces previous commit with something safer
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinPatch from Tim: Prevents bits2 from going negative
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinRevert -export-symbols-regex 'celt_'. That probably...
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinRenormalize in anti-collapse only when needed
2011-02-03 Timothy B.... Fix collapse mask tracking for recombine steps.
2011-02-03 Timothy B.... Fix short length detection.
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinMore Opus build work
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling the post-filter and exporting the ec functions...
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinAlso fixing the DoFs for intensity stereo
2011-02-03 Jean-Marc ValinGetting the right DoFs for dual stereo
2011-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving ancient allocation matrix
2011-02-02 Timothy B.... Increase caps/allocation accuracy.
2011-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinOnly checking for a mismatch when RESYNTH is defined
2011-02-01 Timothy B.... Limit mode creation to supported modes.
2011-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinFixing the global stack -- and an overflow in collapse_mask
2011-02-01 Timothy B.... Add assertions for band size restrictions.
2011-02-01 Timothy B.... Don't allow empty eBands.
2011-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a generic CELT_SET_BITRATE() ctl() API for CBR...
2011-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the split threshold
2011-02-01 Timothy B.... Add a seprate qtheta offset for two-phase stereo.
2011-02-01 Timothy B.... Adjust the splitting threshold.
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinIncluding static_mode* files in the distribution
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinStop collapsing the background noise channels when...
2011-01-31 Timothy B.... Don't destroy stereo history when switching to mono.
2011-01-31 Timothy B.... Propagate balance from compute_allocation() to quant_al...
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinFix sample type conversion when resampling
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinNo longer extracting the frame size from the mode to...
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the stereo encoder capable of encoding in mono
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it possible for the stereo decoder to decode...
2011-01-31 Timothy B.... Apply band caps to the band allocation table.
2011-01-31 Timothy B.... More band caps updates.
2011-01-31 Timothy B.... Add generic fine-energy rebalancing.
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinCustom and non-custom versions of the get_size() functions
2011-01-31 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure that itheta=0 or 16384 really cuts allocati...
2011-01-30 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_api_change'
2011-01-30 Timothy B.... Use a smarter per-band bitrate cap.
2011-01-30 Jean-Marc ValinError handling in _create() functions
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdding resampling support
2011-01-29 Timothy B.... Change qb cap to prevent side-fold collapses.
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc Valincelt_encoder_create() now defaults to Opus standard...
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinEnabling the standard static mode by default
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdding the auto-generated static modes for float and...
2011-01-29 Jean-Marc ValinUsing the actual degrees of freedom rather than N*C...
2011-01-28 Gregory MaxwellPrevent VBR from shooting up to the maximum rate if...
2011-01-28 Jean-Marc ValinDon't rebalance bits for itheta=0 or 16384
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinMaking rebalance a celt_int32
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinMaking anti-collapse a bit more conservative again
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinChanging some double constants to float
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdjusting post-filter coefficients to be exact in 13...
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinAdjusting pre-emphasis coefs to be exact in 16-bit...
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinUsing a real 16-bit value for the coarse beta on intra...
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinReducing waste at high bit-rate
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinMinor opus_compare fix
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinComparison tool for decoder compliance
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes fixed-point overflow on really low energy
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point overflow in anti-collapse
2011-01-27 Timothy B.... Improve accuracy of update_lowband test.
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinOnly allowing silence in non-hybrid mode.
2011-01-27 Timothy B.... More anti-collapse fixes, as well as a fold fix.
2011-01-27 Jean-Marc ValinSetting bandE[] to zero after log2Amp when silence=1
2011-01-27 Gregory MaxwellFixes for silence handling in VBR mode, plus an encoder...
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving more unused function params
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves explicit filling of remaining bits with zeros
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemoves unused function parameters
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinShould avoid running log2Amp on uninitialized data
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a special way to code digital silence in two...
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc ValinRemove // comment
2011-01-26 Jean-Marc Valinanti-collapse tuning
2011-01-25 Jean-Marc ValinOops, fixed the sqrt(2) constant for anti_collapse()
2011-01-25 Jean-Marc ValinMinimum period is now 15
2011-01-24 Jean-Marc ValinTaking LM into account for anti-collapse
2011-01-24 Timothy B.... Fix off-by-one error in ec_laplace_encode.
2011-01-24 Jean-Marc ValinMoving energy floor to coarse quantization
2011-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinClipping the encoder input to +/-2 to prevent scaling...
2011-01-23 Jean-Marc Valinprefilter/postfilter now forced off in Opus hybrid...
2011-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinSimple DTX/CNG implementation
2011-01-23 Jean-Marc ValinConsidering "badness" in two-pass quant_coarse_energy().