2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinTighter bound in filter control in PLC
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinMore headroom in PLC code
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinSaturate MDCT output post-TDAC rather than pre-
2016-07-25 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids reading beyond the current buffer in comb_filter()
2016-07-24 Jean-Marc ValinDirectly saturate the comb filter output
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinAvoiding an overflow in the LTP quantization
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinDisables MIPS silk_noise_shape_analysis_FIX() until...
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinMore headroom in fixed-point silk_burg_modified() to...
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinIncrease headroom in silk_warped_autocorrelation_FIX()
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinIncrease headroom to avoid overflow in silk_pitch_analy...
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinPLC overflow fix
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinPrevent overflows in PLC celt_iir()
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinfixes overflows in celt_iir() by doing proper saturation
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valingetting rid of a PLC overflow (I think)
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinpost-filter saturation
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinsaturate MDCT output
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc Valinsilencing overflows in MDCT and FFT
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinReduce risk of overflowing in mono downsampling
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinAvoid overflowing on ridiculously large energy
2016-07-22 Jean-Marc ValinFixes shift<-2 case for denormalise_bands()
2016-07-22 Mark HarrisSilence fixed point unused parameter warning
2016-07-22 Mark Harristest_opus_decode: Check all soft clip samples
2016-07-22 Mark Harristests: Avoid shift into sign undefined behavior
2016-07-21 Jean-Marc ValinAvoids undefined behaviour from left-shifting negative...
2016-07-20 Felicia LimFix use_dtx for DISABLE_FLOAT_API
2016-07-20 Tristan MatthewsFix include warning
2016-07-20 Tristan MatthewsFix include warning
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinAdds some smoothing to the energy quantization exp_lbr_tune
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinTune SILK rate for hybrid with FEC enabled
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinMoving FEC decision to the Opus encoder level (from...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinTaking loss rate into account in compute_equiv_rate()
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinRetuning the tf_analysis() lambda
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinFixes equiv_rate for CBR
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinMinor TF cleanup (tf_sum was useless), plus comments
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinUse SPREAD_AGGRESSIVE on non-transient hybrid frames
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinDon't use too much temporal resolution on hybrid frames...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinDisable patch_transient_decision() on hybrid since...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinCBR: set gains to their previons values where we're...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinSet pulses to zero if we can't meet rate target
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinNow that we're preventing huge gains, we no longer...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinCBR: lock the gain on a subframe when the number of...
2016-07-19 Koen Vosmerge back in the LTP gain safety limiter
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinCBR: Using the same gain increase for fixed-point as...
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinOops, edited the wrong comment in the previous commit
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinRe-tuning compute_equiv_rate()
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinGetting rid of the SILK penalty for hybrid CBR.
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinImproving CBR for hybrid mode
2016-07-19 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the encoder more aggressive at using wider bandw...
2016-07-19 Koen Voscomment about reduced codelength component in LTP quant...
2016-07-19 Koen Vosavoid double if statement for finding best quantized...
2016-07-19 Koen Vosincrease NSQ decision delay from 32 to 40
2016-07-19 Koen Vosreduced noise floor in noise shaping analysis by 2 dB
2016-07-19 Koen Vosincrease order of noise shaping filter
2016-07-19 Koen Vosmore conservative scaling of LTP corrs; remove assert...
2016-07-17 Koen VosClean up: alignment of comments
2016-07-17 Koen VosClean up: replace tabs by spaces
2016-07-17 Koen Vosremoved prefilter
2016-07-17 Koen Vosslight clean up
2016-07-17 Koen Vosundo some loop unrolling
2016-07-17 Koen Vospitch analysis (in FIX) now scales the input down at...
2016-07-17 Koen Vosminor clean up of pointer offsets
2016-07-17 Koen Vossimplified computation of LTP coefs
2016-07-17 Felicia LimAttenuate SILK PLC gain only for unvoiced speech
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinWe should now be able to be less conservative when...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinMakes the encoder more aggressive about meeting the...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinUsing more fine-grained complexity settings for SILK
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinFixing bandwidth selection hysteresis
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinBoosting the high-band bitrate on transients for hybrid...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinFixes signed integer overlof in silk_ADD_POS_SAT32()
2016-07-17 Felicia LimTurn on DTX only when the noise is sufficiently quiet
2016-07-17 Felicia LimNew DTX that works in all modes (SILK/CELT/HYBRID)
2016-07-17 Felicia LimSkip analysis if the frame contains only digital silence
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinNLSF_VQ_MAX_SURVIVORS is no longer useful
2016-07-17 Koen Vostake advantage of more efficient NLSF quantization...
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF_del_dec_quant minor clean up
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF_encode now also uses NLSF weights from table
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF VQ now uses absolute error, and prediction
2016-07-17 Koen VosNLSF decoding now uses tables for NLSF weights
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinImplement sum_sqr_shift() using two passes with no...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying fast_atan2f()
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Increase CELT rate for voiced frames in hybrid...
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinBetter modeling of the effect of CBR and complexity
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinRe-enabling high-band attenuation for hybrid mode
2016-07-17 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Retrained classifier MLP with better data
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinUsing "hybrid" flag instead of "start!=0"
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Making the encoder more aggressive at using...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Removes high-band attenuation in hybrid mode...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Adds SILK rate interpolation function
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Makes real CELT VBR work for hybrid too
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Forces trim to 5 on hybrid mode
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: Encoding music in full-band stereo from 32...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinQuality: removes VBR attenuation at low bitrate
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinAdds checksum for 1.1.3
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinSlightly increase the safety margin for opus_pcm_soft_c... v1.1.3
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinFixes opus_pcm_soft_clip() returning values slightly...
2016-07-15 Jean-Marc ValinApply 02f3ac225f99 fix for divide-by-zero to the SSE4...
2016-07-08 Jonathan LennoxFix RTCD on ARM with Neon Intrinsics but not ASM.
2016-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinbump static PACKAGE_VERSION string in version.mk
2016-07-08 Jean-Marc Valinbump OPUS_LT_REVISION
2016-07-08 Mark HarrisPackets indicating DTX may be up to 2 bytes