Rename y0/y1 to out0/out1 to avoid name clash with the Bessel functions
[opus.git] / win32 / VS2015 /
2016-11-11 Ricardo Constantinovs2015: reenable DebugDLL versions of opus_demo
2016-11-03 Ricardo Constantinovs2015: Add missing file to test_opus_encode.
2016-09-01 Ricardo Constantin... vs2015: include files added in 76674fea
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantin... VS2015: Ignore warning 4146 in celt/kiss_fft.c.
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantin... VS2015: Disable building DebugDLL opus_demo.
2016-07-27 Ricardo Constantin... vs2015: Merge opus dependencies into its project.
2016-07-26 Ricardo Constantin... VS2015: Mirror changes in *.mk files from exp_lbr_tune...
2016-07-26 Ricardo Constantin... VS2015: Suppress a few warnings.
2016-07-26 Ricardo Constantin... Create a simple project to create version.h.
2016-05-17 Orestes ZoupanosFix DLL errors and Additional Library Directories
2016-05-12 Ricardo Constantin... Fix VS2015 dynamic builds by adding DLL_EXPORT to CFLAGS
2016-05-11 uraymeiviarfix build settings for DLL project, runtime library...
2016-05-11 uraymeiviarAdded Visual Studio 2015 solution and added ReleaseDLL...