More VQ comments/cleanup, disabled ineffective optimisation
[opus.git] / tools / celtdec.c
2008-02-14 Jean-Marc Valinsetting nb channels automatically from the mode.
2008-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinFix reporting of bit-rate in decoder
2008-02-02 Jean-Marc ValinFixed a typo and removed an old warning from speexenc...
2008-02-01 Jean-Marc Valincouple fixes to Ogg encoder/decoder
2008-02-01 Jean-Marc Valinceltenc and celtdec work for stereo as well.
2008-02-01 Jean-Marc Valinbit of cleaning up, default sampling rate
2008-02-01 Jean-Marc ValinGot the Ogg encoder and decoder to (barely) work.