fixed-point: compression factor (alpha) now a 16-bit value (still internally
[opus.git] / tests / real-fft-test.c
2008-02-24 Jean-Marc Valinreal fft snr comparison testcase includes DC
2008-02-24 Jean-Marc ValinFloat FFT now does the same scaling as the fixed-point FFT
2008-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinMDCT now scales down by N/2 instead of N/4. The factor...
2008-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinIncreased precision for real FFT
2008-02-22 Jean-Marc ValinFixed the real fft testsuite as well
2008-02-20 Jean-Marc ValinEverything should now compile with a C89 compiler.
2008-02-08 Jean-Marc ValinSplit the radix functions into forward and backward...
2008-02-08 Jean-Marc ValinChanged ordering of real FFT freq data to something...
2008-02-07 Jean-Marc ValinReal FFT cleanup, plus some testcases