Add coarse energy entropy model tuning.
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2010-11-09 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd coarse energy entropy model tuning.
2010-11-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixes several fixed-point overflows in the PLC code
2010-11-07 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a silly fixed-point scaling PLC bug
2010-11-07 Jean-Marc ValinGiving up on reusing the saved overlap in the PLC
2010-11-06 Jean-Marc ValinPLC fixes
2010-11-06 Jean-Marc ValinAdding float|fixed suffixes to static mode files
2010-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinIncreases the probability of alloc_trim==2 to reflect...
2010-11-05 Jean-Marc ValinMinor tuning
2010-11-05 Gregory MaxwellSwitch iteration over channels to the do{}while();...
2010-11-05 Gregory MaxwellEliminate some promotions to double. A fair number...
2010-11-04 Jean-Marc ValinMake sure that we always code the sign of N=1 bands
2010-11-04 Jean-Marc ValinFixes some stereo issues where the right channel wasn...
2010-11-04 Jean-Marc ValinSquashed commit of the following:
2010-10-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixed the PLC, which had been broken for a while
2010-10-28 Gregory MaxwellFix crashes with VBR for short duration frames and...
2010-10-28 Gregory MaxwellSwitch example tools to use VBR and 960 sample frames...
2010-10-24 Jean-Marc ValinFurther simplications to compute_mdcts()
2010-10-24 Jean-Marc ValinDe-interleaves the MDCT input and overlap memory.
2010-10-22 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the allocation trim
2010-10-22 Jean-Marc ValinReworked the allocation trim to be absolute (in bits...
2010-10-21 Jean-Marc ValinPrevents a folding artefact due to "folding the folding"
2010-10-21 Jean-Marc ValinAlternate tuning found using exp_tuning_knobs (disabled...
2010-10-21 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the folding bands.
2010-10-19 Jean-Marc Valinallocation trim doesn't make sense for stereo after all
2010-10-19 Jean-Marc ValinFirst shot at automatically adjusting the "allocation...
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifying transient_analysis() now that we don't...
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinMaking sure we can use up to 128 pulses.
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving renormalise_bands()
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc Valins/const/static const/
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving both the transient window and the mdct_weight_...
2010-10-18 Jean-Marc ValinTurning off time-domain window pending decision on...
2010-10-17 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving dead code found by LLVM's static analysis
2010-10-16 John RidgesOptimised float->int cast for Win64
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinFixed fixed-point overflow for 2.5 ms frames.
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinFolding code moved to quant_band() to prevent duplication.
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinMore VQ search simplifications
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinRemoving yshift from the fixed-point VQ search
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinMore simplifications to the VQ search
2010-10-16 Jean-Marc ValinVQ search no longer needs to put more than one pulse...
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc Valintweaks to the split delta for transients
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc ValinTransient detection fix for the case where a transient...
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc ValinTuning the bias for the L1 tf metric
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc ValinUnb0rked the VBR code: several units issues that made...
2010-10-15 Jean-Marc ValinModifying the L1 metric for tf analysis by merging...
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinMaking it possible to have two transients in a row...
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdding a high-pass filter in front of the transient...
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinNo longer filling the stereo side with noise.
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinTaking into account TF decisions for VBR
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinNew TF decision code based on L1-norm. Needs more work.
2010-10-13 Jean-Marc ValinDon't take into account silence for the coarse energy...
2010-10-12 Jean-Marc ValinRemove lower bound on bit-rate for tf signalling
2010-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinDynamic allocation before VBR
2010-10-10 Jean-Marc ValinRetrained coarse energy mean and beta coefficients
2010-10-04 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the allocation slightly less insane at very...
2010-10-04 Jean-Marc ValinUsing high-band noise less aggressively
2010-09-30 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing to change the allocation dynamically.
2010-09-30 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a ibudget bust and a divide-by-zero at very low...
2010-09-29 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point overflow on 16-bit architectures
2010-09-29 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a simple dynamic allocation scheme
2010-09-28 Jean-Marc ValinPreventing bands from being coded at a rate below ...
2010-09-24 Jean-Marc ValinInclude tuning from exp_vorbis_tuning (disabled for...
2010-09-15 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a minor folding bug for N=2 bands in stereo
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinAdd an extra safety bit in intra_decision()
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes rare overflow in intra_decision()
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes fixed-point overflow in stereo_merge()
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a fixed-point overflow in haar1()
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinSpeed up the bit allocator interpolation
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinFix stereo for N=2
2010-09-14 Jean-Marc ValinCopy lowband when needed instead of undoing the transforms
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinAllowing a max of 8 bits to qtheta
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinMore quant_band() reorganisation.
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinRestructuring in quant_band()
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinSeparates stereo_band_mix() into the intensity and...
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinAdded stereo_merge(), which does the renormalisation too
2010-09-13 John RidgesMacOS X typedef fix
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinMoves the bit-side gain application to the quantizer
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinUsing 6 steps in allocation interpolation
2010-09-13 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies vector renormalisation (and using it less)
2010-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinFix a minor, but bitstream-affecting bug
2010-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinFixes a divide-by-zero in narrowband mode with small...
2010-09-11 Jean-Marc ValinSimplifies convoluted raw bits calls.
2010-09-06 Jean-Marc ValinDon't allow transients for 2.5 ms frames.
2010-09-03 Jean-Marc ValinFixes an index bug in dump_modes
2010-09-03 Jean-Marc ValinMore sharing across different static modes
2010-09-03 Jean-Marc Valinstatic modes simplifications for std mode
2010-09-02 Jean-Marc Valinminor tuning in the mid-high rates
2010-09-02 Jean-Marc ValinRaw bit init for for architectures with chars larger...
2010-09-02 Jean-Marc ValinSmoothing out some curves
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning around 30 kb/s
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning in the 24 kb/s area
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning at very low bit-rate (around 14 kb/s)
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinTuning at very low rate
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinMaking the allocation matrix a bit smoother
2010-09-01 Jean-Marc ValinConverting allocation table to 1/32 bit/sample resolution.
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinComplexity setting now controls two-pass coarse energy...
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinIgnoring lower bands in folding_decision()
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinComplexity setting now does something again
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinMinor simplification to interp_bits2pulses()
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc ValinNew implementation of folding_decision()
2010-08-31 Jean-Marc Valin_alloca() for Win32