Experimental code to improve both the speed and accuracy of the VQ search
[opus.git] / libcelt / quant_bands.h
2008-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinUnified allocation of fine energy and pulses.
2008-08-02 Jean-Marc ValinCompleted the separation of coarse and fine energy...
2008-04-23 Jean-Marc ValinOptimisation: caching the divisions used in the Laplace...
2008-02-27 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: log-energy for previous frame now a 16...
2008-02-26 Jean-Marc Valinfixed-point: added a celt_ener_t type for band energy.
2008-02-13 Jean-Marc ValinIntroducing a (very) crude budget for the energy encoder.
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc ValinNo more cheating, everything fully quantised
2007-12-07 Jean-Marc Valinenergy decoding partially done (cheating a bit)
2007-12-05 Jean-Marc ValinQuantisation of band energies (adding files)