More minor updates to RTP draft
[opus.git] / doc / draft-spittka-payload-rtp-opus.xml
2012-11-22 Jean-Marc ValinMore minor updates to RTP draft
2012-11-22 Jean-Marc ValinMisc updates to the RTP draft
2012-11-22 Timothy B. TerriberryReword 239e9a33 for better clarity.
2012-11-22 Timothy B. TerriberryAdd support for RFC5576 source-level attributes.
2012-11-12 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft: Using sampling rates instead of bandwidths
2012-11-09 Jean-Marc ValinBetter description of the the stereo signalling behaviour
2012-10-09 Jean-Marc ValinMerge branch 'exp_analysis7'
2012-09-27 Philip J├ĄgenstedtFix common misspellings
2012-07-11 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft fix
2012-06-19 Gregory MaxwellDos2unix, trailing whitespace on draft-spittka-payload...
2012-06-14 Jean-Marc ValinAdds a copy of the RTP payload XML