opus_demo: remove unused but set values
[opus.git] / doc / draft-ietf-payload-rtp-opus.xml
2015-02-06 Jean-Marc ValinAddressing Gen-ART comments on the RTP draft
2015-01-13 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft: chair review
2015-01-06 Jean-Marc ValinRTP: the return of maxaveragebitrate
2014-12-08 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft: addressing comments from Martin Thompson
2014-11-19 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft in last call
2014-10-04 Timothy B. TerriberryThere are no tabs in source code.
2014-09-04 Jean-Marc Valinminor language tweak to RTP draft
2014-07-30 Jean-Marc ValinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into derf_...
2014-07-28 Timothy B. TerriberryRTP draft edits (normative changes).
2014-07-28 Timothy B. TerriberryRTP draft edits (no normative changes).
2014-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft: avoiding confusion with 2119 language
2014-06-30 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate Opus RTP payload
2014-01-17 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate authors in RTP draft
2013-08-12 Jean-Marc ValinUpdate the RTP draft for resubmit
2013-01-10 Jean-Marc ValinRTP draft adopted as WG item