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2016-02-23 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update version and date for -14
2016-02-18 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Address Barry Leiba's IESG comments.
2016-02-18 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Fix page numbers in example diagram.
2016-02-18 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update Wikipedia URLs.
2016-02-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Fix typo.
2016-02-17 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Address Stephen Farrell's IESG comments.
2016-02-12 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update version and date for -13
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Additional minor rewording.
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update version and date for -12
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Minor rewording.
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update the acknowledgements.
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Add a BSD license header.
2016-02-03 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Revert reference to RFC 4732 back to informative.
2016-01-28 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Update version and date for -11
2016-01-28 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Specify that the new IANA registry is top...
2016-01-15 Timothy B. TerriberryDocuemnt the source of the 2.5 ms and 48 kHz restrictions.
2016-01-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Fix continued packet lacing reference.
2016-01-12 Timothy B. Terriberryoggdraft: Update version and date for -10
2016-01-12 Timothy B. Terriberryoggdraft: Fix typo.
2016-01-12 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Remove normative language from IANA registry.
2016-01-12 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Replace 'reject' with 'treat as invalid'.
2015-12-28 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: More updates for AD review comments.
2015-12-11 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Revert SHOULD->MUST for reserved mappings.
2015-12-11 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Fix typo.
2015-12-11 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: First pass updates for AD review comments.
2015-11-24 Mark Harrisoggopus: Fix spelling
2015-11-24 Timothy B. TerriberryBump draft version and date for submission.
2015-11-24 Timothy B. TerriberryAdditional edits from Mark Harris.
2015-11-24 Timothy B. TerriberryAddress remaining document shepherd review comments.
2015-11-24 Timothy B. TerriberryRemove normative references to encoder or decoder.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: further cleanup in response to review.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Add IANA considerations.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Add Opus RTP as an informative reference.
2015-11-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: remove <spanx style="strong"> markup.
2015-11-16 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Consolidate granulepos description.
2015-11-16 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Convert mentions of 'encoder' to 'muxer'.
2015-07-07 Timothy B. TerriberryUpdate the oggopus draft.
2015-04-28 Timothy B. Terriberryoggopus: Bump draft date and version for 07 publication.
2015-03-13 Timothy B. TerriberryOgg Opus draft: Address chair review comments.
2014-10-18 Ralph Gilesoggopus: bump draft date and version for 06 publication. draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-06
2014-10-18 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Mention 'malformed' at the first instance...
2014-10-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Refer to RFC 6716 on how to handle malformed...
2014-10-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: use 'invalid' to match other occurances and...
2014-10-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Improve wording.
2014-10-17 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Refer to 'TOC sequence' instead of byte.
2014-10-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Fix opus_encode_ctl invocations.
2014-10-15 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Improve wording. draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-05
2014-10-14 Ralph Gilesoggopus: bump draft date and version for 05 publication.
2014-10-14 Ralph Gilesoggopus: Clarify leading zeros are ok for R128 tags.
2014-09-26 Ralph GilesClarify that leading '+' is allowed in R128 tags.
2014-09-26 Ralph GilesRemove weasel word.
2014-09-26 Ralph GilesAdd wording about additional binary data in comment...
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesApply further fixes from Ron.
2014-08-31 RonFix mixed-case RFC 2119 keywords
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesFix ambiguous RFC 2119 keywords.
2014-08-31 Ralph GilesClarify ambiguity between 'streams' and 'files'.
2014-08-14 Timothy B. TerriberryOgg Opus updates from Ian Nartowicz.
2014-08-09 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: bump release date, version, and more... draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-04
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Clean up R128 tag descriptions.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Fix a typo.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: Add R128_ALBUM_GAIN.
2014-08-08 Ralph GilesOgg Opus Draft: apply some clarifications from derf.
2014-02-07 Ralph GilesOggOpus draft updates. draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-03
2014-01-20 Ralph Gilesoggopus: use https where possible.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesUpdate 'running code' reference, now RFC 6982.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesUse bibxml in the oggopus draft.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesAbbreviate the first stereo matrix to fit 72 columns.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesAdd NOT RECOMMENDED to our rfc 2119 boilerplate.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesCapitalize Vorbis.
2014-01-20 Ralph GilesUse organizations authors in the ogg draft.
2014-01-19 RonDon't say 'it' where being specific is better
2014-01-19 RonFix copypasta fail
2014-01-19 RonFormally introduce the terms mode and configuration
2014-01-19 RonTypo fix
2014-01-18 Ralph GilesUse 'pre-skip' consistently with the hyphen. draft-ietf-codec-oggopus-02
2014-01-18 Ralph GilesMissed another 'preskip flag'.
2014-01-18 Ralph GilesPreskip isn't a flag.
2014-01-18 Ralph GilesAdd 'surname' to WAVE reference.
2014-01-18 Ralph GilesFix markup and note needing to renable-prediction.
2014-01-18 RonShow how to turn off prediction with libopus
2014-01-17 RonSILK and CELT mode are singular
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesTry to improve wikipedia citation formatting.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesReference vorbis source code for lpc coefficient calcul...
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesReference wikipedia for LPC prediction.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesTry to clarify frame packing.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesUse SILK/CELT everywhere describing modes.
2014-01-17 RonDrop the oddball hyphenation of MDCT-mode
2014-01-17 RonClarify that MB->WB is better than MB->NB
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesRemove line about undefined speaker configurations.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesBump Ogg draft version and date.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesReplace MAY with SHOULD in the gap-filling guidelines.
2014-01-17 Ralph GilesUpdate Ralph's phone number.
2014-01-15 Ralph GilesReword framing bit ommission, again.
2014-01-15 RonBe a bit less ambiguous about the comment framing bit
2014-01-15 Ralph GilesRewrite gap filling section.
2014-01-14 Ralph GilesAdd Tim's gap repair text.
2013-05-24 Ralph GilesTry to clarify that opus maps to flac/wav but wav doesn...
2013-05-24 Ralph GilesReference before period.
2013-05-24 Ralph GilesHack quoting of hanning article.
2013-05-24 Ralph GilesWrap lookahead code example in a figure.